Sunday, March 2, 2014

The dime box frankenset, Page 17: Numbers 145-153

Call me crazy, but I've decided to give fantasy baseball another shot in 2014.

I used to play fantasy sports religiously when I was younger. Though baseball was my main focus, I also had football and hockey squads as well. I'd have three or four teams going at one time, as a matter of fact.

It's no wonder I started to get burnt out with the whole fantasy thing after a while.

But, after a bit of a hiatus, I'm going to try fantasy baseball again this year. Only one team this time, though. I need to keep my sanity. (I named my squad "Coco's Fro", by the way.)

Similarly, we're making a grand return to my frankenset binder after a brief break.

We'll be recapping yet another completed page this afternoon.

Completion status: 9/9...completed page!

Numbers needed: None.

The card: 1997 Collector's Choice #145 Matt Mieske

Why it made the cut...

I actually just received this card from a very generous trade package yesterday.

I rather enjoy these warm-up batting shots. They're a nice deviation from your everyday action shots.

Besides, I've always been a little partial towards Collector's Choice.

The card: 1995 Collector's Choice #146 Pat Borders

Why it made the cut...


The brand earns yet another spot in my frankenset binder with this nifty "play at the plate" shot.

Never underestimate the power of Collector's Choice, my friends.

The card: 1992 Upper Deck #147 Luis Polonia

Why it made the cut...

Though I enjoy the pitching shot of Polonia on the front of this card, the back is what cemented its place in this frankenset.

After all, it features a hilarious "cards with kids" shot for that mini-collection of mine.

And, no, I'm not going to place it back-first in this binder.

My cardboard OCD wouldn't allow it.

The card: 1995 Pinnacle #148 Jose Lima

Why it made the cut...

Now that is one sweet "multiple-exposure" shot.

I almost forgot Pinnacle even experimented with these things.

The card: 2001 Ultra #149 Todd Stottlemyre

Why it made the cut...

Pitcher at the plate!

Looks like Mr. Stottlemyre got the bunt down successfully.

The card: 2001 Upper Deck #150 Jose Lima

Why it made the cut...

Another Jose Lima?!

I'm pretty sure "Lima Time" is the first player to make multiple appearances on one frankenset page. Here, he's featured on yet another bunting "pitcher at the plate" shot. This one earns extra points for being horizontal.

Although his form doesn't look to be nearly as good as Mr. Stottlemyre's.

The card: 1990 Upper Deck #151 Rick Honeycutt

Why it made the cut...

Out of the many I own, this is probably one of my favorite "autograph" shots.

I haven't seen that "under the surface" angle used on many other cards.

The card: 1996 Topps #152 Benji Gil

Why it made the cut...

Double dip!

Note the lurking Catfish Hunter jersey in the backdrop.

The card: 1995 Stadium Club #153 Andy Van Slyke

Why it made the cut...

This page closes out with yet another example of Stadium Club's innate greatness.

I've had this wonderful warning track card in my frankenset since day one. It might well be a permanent resident.

Something really special would have to come along in order to knock this beauty out of my binder.

But, hey. You never know.

There's just so much great cardboard out there waiting to be discovered.


Mark said...

Van Slyke made fielding a thing of beauty. But I'm partial to AVS's 95 UD card, which features a similar shot, but making an over the shoulder catch vs the over the shoulder basket on the Stadium Club card.

Fuji said...

Wait... Pinnacle produced cards with multiple exposures too? I think I opened up Pandora's Box when I decided to start tracking those cards down.

Jeremya1um said...

The kid on the back of Polonia's card may very well be David Parrish, Lance's son, who had a few cards in 2001 after he was drafted high by the Yankees