My Mini-Collections

A visual guide to my many mini-collections -- a list of what I have from each theme can be found here (via Google Docs). 

At the Wall: Cards featuring great grabs at the wall.

Autographs: Cards featuring players signing autographs for lucky fans.

Award Show: Cards featuring coveted pieces of hardware.

Behind the Camera: Cards featuring ballplayers disguised as photographers.

Broken Bats: Cards featuring shattered lumber.

Cards with Kids: Cards featuring the faces of the next generation.

Double Dips: Cards featuring the twin killing.

Interviews/Speeches: Cards featuring ballplayers at the mic.

Multiple-Exposure: Cards featuring shutter-action technology.

Pitchers at the Plate/On the Basepaths: Cards featuring hurlers at the dish or on the bases.

Plays at the Plate: Cards featuring action at home plate.

Say the Magic Word: Cards featuring disagreements with the men in blue.

Throwbacks: Cards featuring jerseys from the days of yore.

Tip of the Cap: Cards featuring a nod to the fans.

Tribute to 42: Cards featuring "42" jerseys from Jackie Robinson Day.

Turn Ahead the Clock: Cards featuring jerseys from MLB's doomed "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion.

1 comment:

Anthony V said...

I might be willing to trade/donate some cards to your mini collections. Also, I noticed you are wanting a 1992 leaf Dave Winfield. I have the 1992 leaf Dave Winfield black/gold parallel that I am also willing to donate/trade