My Mini-Collections

A visual guide to my many mini-collections -- a list of what I have from each theme can be found here (via Google Docs). 

At the Wall: Cards featuring great grabs at the wall.

Autographs: Cards featuring players signing autographs for lucky fans.

Award Show: Cards featuring coveted pieces of hardware.

Behind the Camera: Cards featuring ballplayers disguised as photographers.

Broken Bats: Cards featuring shattered lumber.

Cards with Kids: Cards featuring the faces of the next generation.

Double Dips: Cards featuring the twin killing.

Interviews/Speeches: Cards featuring ballplayers at the mic.

Multiple-Exposure: Cards featuring shutter-action technology.

Pitchers at the Plate/On the Basepaths: Cards featuring hurlers at the dish or on the bases.

Plays at the Plate: Cards featuring action at home plate.

Say the Magic Word: Cards featuring disagreements with the men in blue.

Throwbacks: Cards featuring jerseys from the days of yore.

Tip of the Cap: Cards featuring a nod to the fans.

Tribute to 42: Cards featuring "42" jerseys from Jackie Robinson Day.

Turn Ahead the Clock: Cards featuring jerseys from MLB's doomed "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion.


Anthony V said...

I might be willing to trade/donate some cards to your mini collections. Also, I noticed you are wanting a 1992 leaf Dave Winfield. I have the 1992 leaf Dave Winfield black/gold parallel that I am also willing to donate/trade

Crh614 said...

Regarding your Double Play Collection, 1994 Flair, PAt Kelly, number 321 has the vaunted Triple Double Dip! Three pics on the card, twp are no doubt Double plays and I think the third pic is him starting a double play and throwing to 2nd. Awesome Card!