Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zero-Year Cards, Part 16

2002 Bowman Heritage #274 Bobby Jenks RC (Angels)

Bobby Jenks. What the heck happened to him last year, anyways? Did he fall off the face of the earth or something?
The Red Sox signed him as a free agent last offseason. He didn't live up to expectations, to say the least.

In an injury-plagued season, Jenks pitched in just 15 2/3 innings and posted a bloated 6.32 ERA. He had back surgery this offseason and might not be ready for the start of the 2012 season.

Jenks was one of the best closers in the game during his White Sox days. Ozzie Guillen's famous call for Jenks from the bullpen (gesturing for the "big man" by holding his hands far apart) during the 2005 World Series was pretty much the moment where Jenks burst onto the baseball scene.

He'd be an All-Star the next two seasons, combining for 81 saves in '06 and '07.

So what did the White Sox have to give up to get Jenks? Basically nothing. They claimed him off waivers from the Angels in 2004.

A fifth-round pick by Anaheim in 2000, Jenks was a highly touted prospect early on. However, he struggled mightily in the minors during 2003, posting a 10.24 ERA that season. He was sent all the way down to rookie ball during the course of the year.

The White Sox took a chance on him, and they reaped the benefits.

Hopefully Bobby Jenks can regain his form in the coming years.

He's always been one of my favorite guys to watch.

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Jeff Laws said...

I liked Jenks with the White Sox but i wasn't too sad to see him go. His numbers as a closer were good, but he scared the crap out of me every time he was out there. It always seemed he'd put guys on before finally closing it down.

I was hoping he'd have a better career after he left us but I haven't heard too much from him. His curve was absolutely nasty.