Monday, January 9, 2012

Congratulations, Mr. Larkin

Congrats to Barry Larkin on being elected to the Hall of Fame!

Often overshadowed by shortstops of the likes of "The Iron Man" and "The Wizard" during his playing days, Larkin is just the second lifelong Red to be elected to the HOF, along with Johnny Bench.

Larkin was a twelve-time All-Star and captured the NL MVP award in 1995.

Larkin was the first shortstop to join the 30-30 club, posting 30 homers and 36 stolen bases in 1996.

Some of Larkin's totals: 2,340 career hits. A .295 career batting average. A .371 career on-base percentage.

I was surprised that he didn't get in last year, but I'm glad the voters put him in this year. He was a sure-fire HOFer in my book.

Larkin received 86.4 percent of the vote, easily eclipsing the 75 percent needed for induction into the HOF.

The next highest was Jack Morris, who received 66.7 percent of the vote. I'm not so sure that Morris should be in the Hall, but I think he'll get in next year since he was on the cusp this year.

I really think Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines should be in. I'm hoping that both will eventually be inducted. Bagwell received 56 percent of the vote this year, and Raines received 48.7 percent.

I don't think he should be in the Hall, but I thought Bernie Williams would get more than the 9.6 percent of the vote that he got this year.

Believe it or not, the following did actually get HOF votes this year (much thanks to "Cards from the Quarry for the lists!) : Bill Mueller (4 votes), Brad Radke (2 votes), Javy Lopez (1 vote), Eric Young (1 vote). (Thankfully, Ruben Sierra and Tony Womack didn't receive any votes.)

Eric Young was a fine player during his career, but whoever gave him that vote shouldn't be allowed to vote anymore. And how the heck did Bill Mueller get four votes?

Anyways, congrats to the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Barry Larkin!

You certainly deserve it.


hiflew said...

I am actually thrilled that Eric Young received one vote. The guy voting for him obviously knew that vote wouldn't matter in the grand scheme, but he liked Eric Young. That's what the Hall should be about. Did you like that guy as a player and enjoy watching him? Yes, then vote for him. Could you imagine not only being able to say you played pro baseball, but one guy thought you were a Hall of Famer.

BTW, there is also a third Reds only player, Bid McPhee. I only know cause I saw it in a HOF story today, because he was a tad before my time.

Nick said...

I understand what you're saying, but the only thing is that it's a Hall of Fame vote, not a "guys I like" vote. But it would be neat to say to your grandkids that you actually got a Hall of Fame vote. From some things I've read, far worse and less popular players have gotten HOF votes than Young over the years.

I never knew about McPhee before. I know the name though, never knew he was in the Hall or that he was a lifelong Red. MLB Network was wrong about their facts!

hiflew said...

I don't know if you have read my feature "The Cubicle of the Unique" on my blog, but it is specifically about the guys that received a single vote for the Hall of Fame. Read the one about Jim DeShaies and you will see exactly why I love the guys that get one vote.

I do understand your point, but you also have to remember that the Hall of Fame, as much as we glorify it, is really just a museum for the history of baseball in America. Plus, the difference between Bill Mueller getting 4 votes and Ruben Sierra getting 0 votes is absolutely nothing, since neither is eligible for inclusion anymore. I like to think that is why voters are allowed to vote for 10 players.

Nick said...

I've heard that DeShaies story before, I think that was in one of my baseball books as well. Great story and it's neat that his "campaign" got him one vote!