Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The worst photoshop job ever?

I have to say that this is the worst of the many "photoshopped" cards in my collection, even worse than a lot of the '70s atrocities.

Byung-Hyun Kim was dealt by the D'Backs to the Red Sox in the middle of the 2003 season. The card featured at the top of the post is his 2003 Topps 205 Mini Sovereign issue.

Was the guy who does photoshops for Topps running late for something when he "fixed" this card? "Yeah...I guess that's good enough. I don't have time to fix it!"

The Red Sox hat is actually photoshopped nicely on this card. The uniform is a different story. The Red Sox uniform only partially covers up his old Diamondbacks jersey. The old D'Backs logo is still clearly visible in the bottom-right of the picture. And you can still see the pinstripes from the old jersey.

As a result, Topps made Kim to look like some sort of Frankenstein creation, looking like they put his head and shoulders onto someone else's body.

So I have to ask, is this as bad as it gets?

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Hackenbush said...

It looks like someone really messed up by leaving the Arizona logo on the jersey. Maybe they finished it on a Friday afternoon.