Monday, January 30, 2012

"Short Term Stops", #2-- Steve Yeager

1986 Topps Traded #130T Steve Yeager (Mariners)
Wait, wasn't Steve Yeager a lifelong Los Angeles Dodger?

For the longest time, I thought so. But then I found this card.

I love the '86 Topps set. The blue-and-black combo at the top of this card is one of the better color combinations that I've seen.

But I've just got one question: Where was this picture taken, anyways? The Grand Canyon?

Steve Yeager is a long way from his "groovy-glasses", perennial NL pennant-winning Dodger days. He looks pretty ghastly in this card. And the cool glasses are gone.

He's switched from Dodger blue to Mariner blue, which was a lot less flattering in the '80s. That dark blue coupled with the bright yellow makes it look like a glow-in-the-dark jersey.

After previously spending his entire career with the Dodgers, Yeager played his final big-league season in Seattle in 1986. He played in just fifty games and hit .208 with two homers.

A lot of these "short term stops" cards feature guys at the tail end of their careers, trying to catch on wherever they can. This Steve Yeager card is no exception.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I don't blame guys one bit for wanting to stay in the great game of baseball for as long as possible.


AdamE said...

You were close with the Grand Canyon. It is an Arizona Spring Training pic.

Anthony Hughes said...

I would say that picture was taken at Spring Training in Arizona.