Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blasphemy for a "low-end" collector

I don't know why, but I feel I should make one more post today. Even just a short post. Anything, really.

So here goes.

Among the packages I received today was a decent-sized lot of 1984 Fleer Update cards, purchased from the same dealer from whom I recently bought a large lot of 1980's Topps Traded cards.

This Pete Rose card was my favorite from the package. (Plus, it fits well with Night Owl's most recent post.)

In terms of my collection of players in unfamiliar uniforms, Pete Rose as an Expo is easily right up near the top. It's odd yet extremely awesome at the same time.

The Rose card cost me three bucks. Three bucks!

My blog is called "dime boxes"! What am I doing spending three bucks on one card? That's, like, thirty times more than a dime!

Very rarely do I spend more than a buck or two on a card, especially now that I'm not really buying game-used or autos anymore. I almost feel awkward spending more than a buck or so on one card. I feel like my dime cards are going to get jealous.

The cutoff for me is usually fifty cents. But I'm not cheap. You just get more bang for your buck with dime or quarter cards, at least in my view.

If I'm going to spend more than fifty cents on a card, I have to really want it.

So me forking over three whole dollars on this Rose card should tell you just how much I wanted it. Plus, I'd never seen it before I bought it and I'm not entirely sure I would've ever seen it again. So three bucks was a bargain.

Plus, I'll take this card over a pack of 2011 Bowman Draft all day long.

Am I right?


Spiegel83 said...

Pete Rose was an Expo? I am learning a lot today between this post and Night Owl's post.

The Diamond King said...

You are so right it's scary!

Cory said...

Now I want one.