Thursday, December 11, 2014

You mean it's over?

You mean it's over?

Finals week is finally over?

No more homework?

No more final papers?

No more final exams?

You really mean it?

You mean I can finally start processing these trades?





You mean I can celebrate?

You mean I get a three-week vacation?

You mean I can start writing more cohesive, thought-out blog posts?

Starting tomorrow, anyways?

You mean I can do all that?

And, most importantly, you mean I can start playing with my cards again?


Good riddance, finals week.


Mark Hoyle said...

My daughter called me today with the same sentiments. Last final tomorrow.

Mike said...

That Aaron Hill card is great!!
Congrats on the year so far,enjoy this time off!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off. I was hoping we could set up a trade. If you want to could you email me at

acrackedbat said...

Enjoy your hard-earned break! More importantly, enjoy those cards! Merry Christmas!

Dee said...

When do you graduate? What's your major?

Hackenbush said...


Tim B. said...

Congrats! I love the Wetteland and the Phillies celebration has been one of my favorites since the early days of my collecting obsession. Enjoy the time off.

Adam Kaningher said...

Hope you have a great Christmas vacation! Enjoy digging through all those cards.

Tony L. said...

I've always liked that Tug McGraw 1981 Topps celebration. I got it autographed by the Tugger in a TTM back in the 1980s. He signed his name with a smiley face.

Zippy Zappy said...

Congrats, my finals week begins next week T.T...