Saturday, December 24, 2011

Card Shop Fun, Pt. 4

It saddens me that this is my final of the four "Card Shop Fun" posts.

I've really enjoyed my first blogging experience of writing about a large group of cards I just received. It's fun to go through and look at cards that I might've just tossed to the side the first time around and decide which are cool or interesting or funny enough to scan for my posts.

I'm already looking forward to my first card show blog post! I've got no idea when that's going to be, though.

For now, enjoy the fourth and final part of my "Card Shop Fun"!

Pack #13

Pack #13 was a dud. This pack was filled with cards from the 1991 Leaf set. These two were neat additions to my "Short Term Stops" collection, but there was absolutely nothing else in the pack that warranted scanning.

Pack #14

This pack had a bunch of Braves from the zany 1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs set. These cards look like they belong in a "Saved By the Bell" episode with those backgrounds.

I've got this card already, but I figured I'd show it anyway. This picture shows J.T. Snow (his rookie card, by the way) stretching with what appears to be Reggie Jackson, from my guess. The guy looks older and is wearing #44. Who else could it be?

Two more great 1993 Upper Deck cards. I'm telling you, these card shop packs I opened made me love the set even more.

The front of that Benito Santiago card is a fantastic shot. It's like he's marketing Upper Deck by pointing to the company name at the top. But the picture on the back is intriguing as well.

Look at his number. He's wearing #09. Why not just #9? This must be one of those wacky spring training numbers they give out when they've got more than 100 guys in camp. That's the only reason I could think of.

Pack #15

MORE 1993 Upper Deck! Lenny Webster doesn't look too happy in that picture. Looks like one of the many LONG days a major league catcher goes through.

And there's current Mariners manager Eric Wedge in his playing days. Still rockin' the mustache, but it doesn't even come close to his 'stache nowadays.


These shots are another of the finer qualities of '93 UD. Although someone needs to tell those four Marlins to lighten up. You don't have to look so tough; it's your baseball card for cryin' out loud!

Pack #16

The last pack contained mostly post-junk wax cards. (Nothing like the Reyes RC, though.)

A couple fine action shots shown here. I wish I collected Darren Oliver so this beauty could go in the binder. Oh well.

I wish the picture on the Fryman card was centered a little better, but it's still quite the shot as is. A large number of fans in the background make any card better, especially this one.

I've always liked those Yankees Classics cards, and it was even better to pull one that I didn't already have (isn't it always?). 
The Ionix line that Upper Deck released in the late '90s are certainly different. I can't decide if I like them or not. This Beltre is from 1999, which I'd guess was my first year collecting cards, although I'm not 100 percent sure.

Well, that's the best of the best from my card shop packs. Hope you enjoyed them!

This will probably be my last post until after Christmas, so I'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! (And hopefully Santa brought some cards for you this year. I'm betting he did for me!)


jacobmrley said...

Santiago wore '09' because his chest protector strap covered up his preferred '9' - so he got creative. He wore it for a few years for a few different teams.

Nick said...

Hmm, never heard that one before. Now that I think of it, it does make sense.

Thanks for the info!

TTG said...

That's Chili Davis who Snow is stretching with.