Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zero-Year Cards, Part 9

2002 Bowman Draft #103 Mike Fontenot RC (Orioles)

Mr. Fontenot is one of my favorite players in the league right now. He's a throwback to the little guys like Freddie Patek and Luis Aparicio, as Fontenot is listed on this card as a measly 5'8" and 160 pounds. Plus, he was a Chicago Cub. Most Cubs are okay in my book (unless your name is Milton Bradley).

Fontenot was dealt to the Cubs in the Sammy Sosa deal in 2005 after originally being drafted by the O's in '01, before ever playing a game in Baltimore. He became part of the Cubs' "LSU combo" middle-infield with fellow LSU Tiger Ryan Theriot at shortstop. It saddened me when the Cubs dealt him to the Giants in 2010, but I saw it coming. He wasn't really getting consistent playing time and there wasn't much room for him. But, it's good to see that he got a ring last year in San Francisco.

I can actually remember the exact date that I first heard of Mike Fontenot. It was on June 10, 2007. Here's the box score:

I remember that game well because Ted Lilly got tossed in the first inning after hitting Edgar Renteria, before any warnings were given. I wasn't happy about that. Then on the next pitch, Renteria stole second and slammed into Fontenot on the attempt. I remember thinking, "What the heck was that? Why the hard slide after he was already safe? Who was that little guy covering second, anyways?" 

It was Fontenot.

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Dodgerbobble said...

Scrappy little guy. He's fun to watch.