Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hoyt Wilhelm, etc. (Part 2)

Okay, I admit I've spent over a dime on a decent amount of cards in my collection. The cut auto you see above is the most I've ever spent on a single card (a whopping $60!). But in the end, it's worth it if it bolsters my Hoyt collection.The cut auto is arguably my favorite card. The triple jersey card is my favorite game used card of Hoyt, and one of my favorite cards, period.

Which brings me to "Game Used" and "Auto" cards. When I first collected, I was really into them, grabbing a few at every show I went to. Over time, however, my interest in them slowly waned and shifted to the more "dime box" oriented focus that I'm in right now. Today, I just walk right by tables with memorabilia cards at shows without another thought. Don't get me wrong, I love the GU or Auto cards I still have and would never, ever get rid of them, but nowadays I'd rather have fifty dime cards I need than a $5 jersey card of someone.

Here's examples of a vintage, serial numbered, and base cards of Hoyt Wilhelm in my collection.

I still love "numbered" cards and you can find them in almost every dime box with a little digging. But most of the numbered cards you'll find are in quarter-and-above boxes. The "Marks of Fame" Hoyt is numbered to 25 copies, and is probably my favorite insert of my collection.

The bottom two cards work well with my "short-term-uniform" collection theme. Wilhelm played for nine teams in his career (Giants, Cardinals, Indians, Orioles, White Sox...breathe...Angels, Braves, Cubs, aaaaand Dodgers...phew!). And I'm proud to say I've got at least one card of him on each one.

The Angels Hoyt Wilhelm card you see is from the 1988 Pacific Legends set (an excellent set for seeing older players in not-so-familiar uniforms, by the way). Where did I find it? You guessed it, in a dime box. Found it at a card show last March (how did I just remember that?).

Not sure where I got the '71 Topps one (with the Cubs), probably bought it online after I decided to collect him. Hoyt Wilhelm was on the Cubs, you say? No one would blame you if you didn't know that pitched in three games for them for a total of...four innings in '71.

I'll leave with a breakdown of my Hoyt Wilhelm collection.

100 cards total
-(14) jersey/memorabilia cards
-(2) autograph cards
-(20) vintage cards (ranging from 1953-72)
-(27) serial numbered cards
-(37) assorted base/insert cards

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