Thursday, December 8, 2011

BINDER #11: Cubs (volume 2)

First, let me just say, this blogging stuff is pretty fun!

Now, I'll introduce what I hope will become a regular feature of my blog. Using a random number generator, I'll pick a one of my 46 (yes, 46) binders and show a couple of my favorites from that binder. And have a couple laughs along the way. Number 11 came up on the number generator, so we'll start there.

Great to start with my favorite team! Binder #11 is the Cubs, Vol. 2. I've got too many darn Cubs cards to fit into one binder!

2002 Ultra #34 Rondell White

Ummm, I think the clothes are done.

I have no idea why I've hung on to this card. I must've left it in my pants pocket one day as a kid and forgot about it as they went through the wash. Believe it or not, I've got more cards like this. But it's kinda cool in it's own weird way, isn't it?

"Short Term Stops": 1995 Leaf Limited #153 Todd Zeile (Cubs: 1/2 year)

I don't collect Todd Zeile.  But he was on so many darn teams later on in his career for such short periods of time that I kind of have a decent amount of his cards. The Cubs, however, were just his second team. A half-year in '95 was all she wrote for Zeile in a Cubs uni. Thus, I collect him in a Cubs uni. And how many times has Todd Zeile been featured on a blog?

How much was this card, you ask? Well, you probably guessed it. One dime!

1976 Hostess #37 Jose Cardenal
1962 Topps #170 Ron Santo
Two beauties from this binder. Two players who define the term "fan-favorite". 

I wish treats today came with some form of baseball cards on them! The '70s Hostess cards are some of the best and most unique cards ever produced. And the Cardenal is among the best from the Hostess set. I know it's been said before...but look at that Afro! Picked it up at a card show a while back. Price: (a whopping!) 50 cents. 

The '62 Santo is one of the newer additions to my collection. There was a card show here last month. As I finished looking through the last tables, I still had about $25 left. There was a table that I had previously passed up that had $2/each vintage from the '50s and '60s. So I thought, "This would be a nice way to spend the rest of my money. Nothing like a little vintage." Even in this rough of condition, I couldn't believe it when I pulled the Santo out of the box. People usually wildly overprice Cubs/White Sox stuff since I'm in the Chicago area. They're usually doubly outrageous when it comes to Ron Santo prices.

The '62 Santo is easily one of the newest cornerstones of my collection. I'm so glad that he finally made it to the HOF, just wish he were alive to see the day. Price: $2. A low-end collector's dream!

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