Thursday, December 22, 2011

Card Shop Fun, Pt. 1 (WOW, what a find!!)

Just got back from a night in downtown Chicago with a bunch of my friends. Chicago is a beautiful place (as long as you're not driving), especially around this time of year. Usually, there's a crapload of Christmas lights up around now. Not this year, though. I guess the fact that there's no snow on the ground four days before Christmas is taking away from everyone's "Christmas cheer". But can you blame them?

Earlier today, I went to a local mall with one of my other friends. It's the same mall that I missed out on going to on Sunday (which I've previously posted about). I finally got to hit the little card shop there.

This particular card shop has a little rack of team bags, which contain 30 cards a piece. The bags are 3/$1, so it amounts to a little more than a penny per card. I bought what he had left, 16 of these "packs" in all. Plus, he had some 1993 Conlon Collection packs on the rack as well, also 3/$1. (I've mentioned how much I love this set before.) I would've bought more of the Conlons if I had more cash on me (darn!). All this cost me about $7.

I'll feature four of the bags per post. I've also already opened the Conlon packs, but I didn't get a chance to scan them before my night out, so I'll save them for the next post.

You probably won't believe what I pulled from one of these things. It came from the fourth and final one of these I opened today. Keep in mind that these cards were a little more than a penny a piece, all tolled. Now stay with me and don't scroll all the way down to the last pack! (I know you're probably going to, though.)

Pack #1

Pack #1 was a dud. These two cards were the best two I got. When I was younger, I got this Cris Carpenter confused with Chris Carpenter, star pitcher of the Cardinals, so I ended up collecting the wrong Carpenter. 

About half the pack was this:

The atrocious 1990 Donruss set. 

Pack #2

This was the second most interesting card I pulled from the first four packs, and my second favorite as well. I had no idea that Mike Scioscia was ever affiliated with the Padres organization. It must be a scary sight for Dodgers fans. He never played a game in San Diego, though (a possible "zero-year" nominee, perhaps?).

1993 Upper Deck is a terrific set, and this pack was almost all '93 UD. After the Scioscia, these were my favorites from pack #2. That's a young Tim Wakefield on the left of the Pirates card.

As I said, '93 Upper Deck is a great set. Some of the greatest photography to ever be witnessed on baseball cards.

Pack #3

Not as good as pack #2, but not a complete bust, either. I pulled cards I needed of two guys I collect, Steve Howe and Jeff Nelson. I think Collector's Choice sets get overlooked sometimes. The "shadow" baseball figures in the bottom corners of the cards are a nod to the '70s Topps issues, and about 95% of the fronts of these are reserved for the photos.

The Ozzie Smith card is cool, but it's a prime example of why those weird double-images in '94 UD take away from the look. Instead of seeing the rest of the player sliding into second, we just see a smaller version of the exact same cut-off image. And then there's some guy named Alex Cole doing his best not to turn into a superhero, like Clark Kent or something. Look at those glasses!

Pack #4

These two were among the first two to fall out of the last pack I opened. Both are neat additions to my PC. How could I not collect a guy named "Gookie"?

This last one was mostly newer cards. There's a couple more that look like they're mostly new as well, and I can't wait to open those because of what I pulled in this one. 

Here's me going through the rest of this pack:

"Cool, cool. Oh, that's a pretty neat one."

"Don't need it. Hmm, whatever happened to Shannon Stewart?"

"Need it. Got it. Need...wait, WHAT?"


"A Jose Reyes rookie? In here?! Ohmigod!"

Yup, that's a 2001 Topps Stars Jose Reyes rookie card. Which is mine for the paltry price of about a penny. I'm thinking these have been sitting on that shelf for a while, maybe around 10 years ago when Reyes wasn't a name yet. Maybe there's a Pujols rookie or something in one of the others! 

Ooooh, I can't wait to open the rest of these tomorrow.


Play at the Plate said...

Anytime you get a card that excites you, it's a win! Congrats.

Nick said...

100% agree. I could get just as excited over that Mike Scioscia Padres card as the Reyes, but the Reyes just had so much more shock value as I wasn't expecting to get anything in the ballpark (no pun intended) of a card like that in these packs.