Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zero-Year Cards, Part 1

What's better than a one-year card, or even a half-year card (for me, anyways)?

How about a zero-year card? Try explaining that to someone who doesn't collect. ("How is there a card if the guy never played for the team?" "Umm...well...good question.")

A lot of the time, these sorts of cards come around when a guy gets drafted by one team, but is then dealt before coming to the bigs with that team. Which is what we have here:

1996 Bowman #353 Carlos Guillen RC (Astros)

Carlos Guillen was drafted by the Astros in '92, but never did play a game with them. He was dealt to the Mariners in the Randy Johnson trade in '98 (thanks baseball-reference!). This card brought to you by: yep, a dime box.

So what does that make him?

The first inductee into the "Zero-Year Cards" section of this blog. Immortalized in a uniform that he never got the chance to wear.

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