Friday, December 23, 2011

Open for business

Looking to do some baseball card trading? Why not here on "Dime Boxes"?

I'm always up for some trades. If you have anything you think I might need judging from past posts, please feel free to comment or let me know. 

I understand that it's a bit hard to nail down exactly what I'm looking for from my WIDE array of wants. Here's my trading website; it has some more specific needs listed as well as a lot of base and inserts that I have for trade.

Also, I'm always willing to search through trade lists if anyone has one readily available. I can also use some "short term stops" cards of guys who had short tenures on certain teams. I'd also be looking for bigger lots of non-Topps cards from the mid/late '90s if any are out there since I don't have much from that era. 

But mostly, I just wanna do some trading!

PS- Happy Festivus to all!

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