Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zero-Year Cards, Part 3

1999 Bowman's Best "Future Foundations" #FF-8 Brad Penny /3000 (D-Backs)

This is certainly one of the oddest-shaped cards in my collection. See, they're supposed to be like "building blocks" for a "future foundation", get it? Ha, ha, ha, Bowman's Best.

Brad Penny was drafted by the Diamondbacks in '96. The D-Backs then traded him and another guy to the Marlins for...Matt Mantei. I think the Marlins got the better side of the deal there.

I haven't heard much from Penny since he was with the Dodgers. He only had one 2011 card produced (Topps Update). I was surprised to find out he pitched in 31 games for the Tigers in '11. I didn't think he pitched in near that many this year, to tell you the truth.

"Future Foundation"? I guess. Zero-Year inductee? Definitely.

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