Friday, December 30, 2011

Quite the catch

I just got home after having a gigantic dinner at a steakhouse. I've got the feeling that looking at a card with as much action as this one is going to make me sick very soon.

Nevertheless, cards like these are amazing. Donruss managed to get the ball and Tony Gwynn in the same frame for this card. I'm surprised Gwynn managed to make it that far up the wall, considering he only measures in at 5'11".

I still maintain that this is the greatest catch ever made. Yes, better than the Willie Mays catch. To climb up the wall, spin around, and catch it over your shoulder is simply unbelievable. Usually, cards showing the backs of players aren't very flattering. Not this one, though.

Upper Deck certainly did a fantastic job in capturing the moment with a lot of these famous catches. Who could ever forget this catch? If Endy Chavez was an inch shorter it would've been out of his reach. Baseball truly is a "game of inches".

Who says white men can't jump?

These cards are so cool that Gypsy Queen devoted an entire insert set to them in 2011. Here's Ichiro defying gravity. I'm pretty sure that's at Comiskey Park (okay, US Cellular Field).

Looks like Marcus Thames couldn't quite reel this one in. It's still cool, though. Those numbers behind him are making my head spin.

This is the best wall-climbing card out there. No contest. This card made me single-handedly start collecting Russell Branyan. It's hard to see on this scan, but Branyan is actually listed as a third baseman on the front.

Are we sure that Spiderman's alternate identity isn't Russell Branyan?

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