Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mailday! Mailday!

Normally, I'm an avid online baseball card trader. Lately, there just haven't been a lot of trades to be made, though. Not a lot of new sets come out in the offseason, and people are usually spending their money on things besides baseball cards around Christmas time. I did receive a couple small trades in the mail today. Gotta give another shout-out to "The Bench", where I made these two deals. The best trading site on the web!

How does one know that one is a low-end collector? When one collects Robby Hammock. How did I start collecting him? He was behind the plate for Randy Johnson's perfect game in '04. That's enough to get me to start a collection of his. What we have here is his '03 Fleer Box Score RC (/599). I like these Box Score cards, the little replica newspaper box score gives a nice touch to the card.

Still figuring out how to scan my cards so they don't look off-kilter, so some of these first scans might seem a little off.

Looks like this 2011 Topps Update Gold Aaron Harang is going to become part of the "Short Term Stops" collection, as Harang signed with the Dodgers after spending one year with the Padres.

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