Friday, December 30, 2011

Zero-Year Cards, Part 10

2002 Topps #435 Jose Canseco (Expos)

This card is so bad, that it', it's just bad. Kinda funny, though. And it's a zero-year card, so, hey, it's got that going for it.

Canseco just looks so clueless in this picture, actually believing that he can still play in the bigs. He was signed by the Expos on February 21, 2002. He was released the following month, on March 27th, before ever playing in Montreal. For some reason, the White Sox felt compelled to give him another shot, signing him in April of 2002. He'd play that year in the minors without getting called up. He made comebacks in the minors in 2006 and 2010. He's still in organized baseball, playing for Yuma (an Independent League team) for 64 games in 2011.

There comes a time in every player's career where they have to realize that there's nothing left in the tank. Otherwise, it just drags on without a purpose. It's kind of like that friend you have that never wants to end the conversation when you're talking to him or her on the phone. No matter how many times you say "All right, well I'll see y..." or "Sounds good, talk to ya lat...", they insist on dragging the conversation on and on.

Jose Canseco is that person who never gets off the phone.

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