Sunday, December 11, 2011

A father's request

This one's for you, dad!

Over lunch today, my dad had an interesting idea for a blog post. A post with some custom-made cards. Not made by me, because I rank about 6,893,546,974th in the world in artistic ability. Nope these were made by someone else (probably in a basement somewhere) and somehow wound up in my collection. First off, I don't even really collect Bo Jackson, so I don't know where the above cards came from.


This one's actually pretty neat. A knock-off of the '80s Donruss designs. That bat in Jordan's hands looks like it belongs in the dead-ball era. Barely any hint of a barrel on it!

These two customs are my personal favorites. Not so much for the front of the cards, which are still pretty neat and well-made...

...but for the back of them. Not only hand-numbered, but look at Lincecum's "saintly" stats! He personally had seven "conquerings" in the '07 season. One of the members of "The Bench" sent these to me with some other "regular" cards from a trade we made a while ago.

You got any more ideas for a blog post, dad?


Mike said...

Looking forward to the Bill Lee special!!

Nick said...

Coming soon! Planning a couple other goodies as well as the Lee post.