Sunday, May 3, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 62: Numbers 550-558

As expected, last week's frankenset voting wasn't much of a contest.

Win -- 1973 Topps #542 Pat Corrales (27 votes)

Place -- 2003 Upper Deck #549 Todd Linden (6 votes)

Show -- 1993 Fleer Tradition #546 Carlos Perez (3 votes)

Pat Corrales and his painful play at the plate obliterated the competition. His 27 votes (of 41 total) set a new single-week frankenset record, eclipsing Walt Weiss's previous mark of 25 tallies. I think this goes without saying, but I obviously voted for Mr. Corrales.

It might well be my favorite card in this entire frankenset.

Unlike the past couple pages, I'm not so sure there's a clear winner this week.

Let's meet the nominees.

1975 Topps #550 Ralph Garr

And there goes the helmet. 

2013 Topps #551 Welington Castillo

I was at the Cubs game today, but I don't think I saw anything as exciting as this play at the plate.

Note the Big Papi cameo. 

1991 Upper Deck #552 Lance Parrish

The play at the plate on the front originally won my heart, but the shot on the back is a hundred times better.

I still can't tell if Parrish is serious or not about tossing that Gatorade bucket.

1992 Donruss #553 Rich Gedman

That ump doesn't look comfortable. 

2010 Topps #554 Ramon Hernandez

With the bombardment of action in a lot of today's cards, the serenity of this catching shot stands out. 

1986 Topps #555 Hubie Brooks

Turning two with a pitcher on the basepaths (and his glorious warmup jacket). 

1989 Upper Deck #556 Sid Bream

Props from the third-base coach. 

1986 Fleer #557 Glenn Brummer

Just like it was on the schoolyard.

2013 Topps #558 David Murphy

Say what you want about today's electric scoreboards, but they do make for nice backdrops.

That just about does it for this week's frankenset page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the 1975 Garr, I said "Winner".

Brian said...

I'm not sure if I can vote for Garr on this one- might we see it again when his 1974 card # comes up?

Fuji said...

By far... it's Garr!

BobWalkthePlank said...

Really hard not to pick Garr.

Unknown said...

Put me down for Parrish, I am on mobile and do not have a sidebar.