Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reasons readers rule

Part of me wonders what it must be like to be a reader.

I have to think that it'd be tough reading blogs without succumbing to the urge to start one. It only took a month or two of patrolling the blogosphere before I launched this little blog.

But I can't help but get the feeling that maybe readers know something that we bloggers don't. Maybe they're in on some sort of secret. Some of the best packages I've ever received have come from non-bloggers.

I always encourage people to start their own blogs, but maybe there is something to being a reader. In fact, I think it's about time we recognized the reasons readers rule. I have a hearty helping of cards from three different readers that should help me compile this list.

The first package comes from reader Jeff P. He and I have traded a couple times already, which brings me to item #1.

1) Most readers are repeat customers. Many have become some of my most frequent and generous trade partners.

2) Readers seem to be the most generous people when it comes to unloading parallels.

3) They'll often let you pick and choose from a large list of parallels and send you all the ones you need.

Did I mention item #2?

This next package comes from a new reader named Stephen N. who contacted me a while back about a possible trade.

With over three years in the blogging business, I like to think that I've traded with most of the bloggers around these parts by now. And yet, whether it be simple words of encouragement or trade inquiries, I seem to constantly be receiving emails from readers of this blog, readers I never knew were around in the first place.

Stephen is one of those special readers, which brings me to the next item on this list.

4) Readers are a great reminder that people still frequent your blog, especially during those times of insecurity when I feel like all my regular readers have packed up and left.

See item #2, please.

5) Readers dig up short-prints for you, which is nice because all the SPs seem to vanish in thin air about a month or so after Heritage hits the shelves.

6) Readers are willing to send you those horrific inserts that you're forced to chase for your player collections.

7) Readers are no stranger to finding cards for my mini-collections.

7a) They'll even send you ultra-shiny mini-collection hits.

8) Readers enjoy oddballs just as much as we bloggers do.

9) Readers help knock out some of your last Opening Day base needs, needs that have been on your want lists for over a year.

This last batch of cards comes from reader Michael G., a trader with whom I've probably dealt with around three or four times by now.

Like each of these first two packages I've shown, this trade also started with Michael offering up some parallels to me. 

But, also like the others, the final product went above and beyond that.

10) While they may not have a blog of their own, readers embody every bit of the blogger generosity I've come to appreciate over my time in the blogosphere.

11) Readers have an eagle eye for hitting want list suspects.

Item #2, my friends.

Item #2.

12) Readers have an innate ability to sense cards I might like.

12a) Because oddly-shaped inserts and crystal shard parallels are right up my alley.

13) Readers are the pillars of our community.

Believe me, this list could go on and on. For now, I'll leave you by saying...

14) Readers rule.

It's that simple.


Zippy Zappy said...

Readers are great. I was a reader for three years before starting my own blog.

Also Mark Hoyle is a reader so...

Tim B. said...

I started out as a reader too, and with that encouragement from you decided to start my blog. Great batches of cards there Nick!

shoeboxlegends said...

Awesome cards and great post. Some of my favorite people in this hobby don't have blogs.

Tony L. said...

Readers are great -- especially when they are repeat readers and even commenters too. Positive feedback is always a good thing!

acrackedbat said...

A shout out to Mark Hoyle! Yes, I too began as a reader. Within a couple of months, a blogger. While I hope to blog more often, I read everyday. I should comment more often as well. Great post Nick!

night owl said...

They certainly do:


BobWalkthePlank said...

I was an active reader before I started my blog. Seems that the conversion rate is pretty high from reader to blogger.

Salgado said...

You're not kidding about the urge to start a blog of my own, Nick. More power to all the bloggers because I appreciate the passion everyone brings to the hobby, and it is fun to read your posts. But for this writer by day and collector by night, baseball cards are my chance to dislodge my eyeballs from the computer screen.

GCA said...

I'm a heavy daily reader, and would probably be a decent writer, but could never keep such a regular pace. You guys have so many good ideas week in and week out. I have a few ideas for quirky little things I could blog about, but after that I'd be too afraid to be rehashing old topics or copying better writer's ideas. For now, I'll stick to commenting and trading.