Sunday, July 19, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 73: Numbers 649-657

Let's take a look at how last week's frankenset voting played out.

Win -- 1993 Upper Deck #645 Phil Hiatt (13 votes)

Place -- 1985 Donruss #647 Kurt Bevacqua (10 votes)

Show -- 1992 Topps #646 Craig Wilson (5 votes)

This round was actually much, much closer than I expected it to be. Personally, this was one of the easiest decisions I've had to make, as Hiatt won in a runaway for me. It's probably one of my five favorite cards from '93 UD, which, knowing the greatness of that set, is quite a compliment.

But the glamour-shot-gone-wrong Kurt Bevacqua kept it close the whole way and eventually lost by just three votes, his 10 to Hiatt's 13 (of 33 total). A great card, no doubt, but I think Hiatt deserved the win at the end of it all.

Kudos to Kurt Bevacqua, though.

We're back to a full nine nominees this week on this, the second-to-last page in our frankenset.

Let's meet the newest hopefuls.

2014 Topps #649 Jordan Danks

The rare double dip-throwback combo. 

1994 Topps #650 Andy Van Slyke

Not the most elegant of on-deck hacks. 

2014 Topps #651 Denard Span

A tip of the cap for the hometown crowd. 

1994 Bowman #652 Bobby Jones

The appearance of the ballpoint pen means we have a coveted autograph shot here.

 1969 Topps #653 Aurelio Rodriguez UER

The infamous batboy switcheroo.

1991 Upper Deck #654 Alex Cole

Ball four, take your base.

1994 Topps #655 Charlie Hayes

A picturesque example of the understated beauty of '94 Topps. 

1996 Collector's Choice #656 David Bell

Double dipping with an exceptionally loud background. 

1991 Topps #657 Mike Kingery

This week's page closes with less-than-ideal bunting form.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for David Bell, but it took me back 19 years... I'd forgotten about that Arizona Fall League subset. How is it that a league featuring nothing but prospects gets so little attention? Somebody needs to bring AFL cards to market.

Adam Kaningher said...

For me, it's a hard choice between those two 1994 Topps cards. I'll probably go with Hayes for the Rockies.

Also, second to last page? What will we do every Sunday afternoon now?

Big Tone said...

I like that a surface shot of Mars behind David Bell.It's the clear winner!Now I shall proceed to select all the sandwich pics to prove that I am not a robot ;)

Marcus said...

I'm a bit underwhelmed w/this batch, but it might just be because the Hiatt is one of my all time favorite cards from one of my all time favorite sets. With that said, I had never heard about the "batboy switcheroo" before, so that is AWESOME! Glad I clicked on the link, that one gets my vote.