Sunday, March 1, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 53: Numbers 469-477

We have ourselves a good old-fashioned tie.

Last week's frankenset page saw a fierce battle between Rob Murphy (and his trusty laptop) and the action-packed Tom Griffin. Murphy held an early lead, but a late surge by Griffin forced a tie. Both are deadlocked at 15 votes a piece. (For what it's worth, I voted for Murphy.)

As has been the tiebreaker protocol thus far, I ask the first three people who care to comment on this post to leave their choice between Murphy and Griffin. The first card to receive two of those three tie-breaking votes will take the crown.

I'll update this post once the deadlock is broken.

EDIT: We have a winner!

Win -- 1990 Upper Deck #461 Rob Murphy (15 votes + tie-breaking vote)

Place -- 1973 Topps #468 Tom Griffin (15 votes)

Show -- 1996 Upper Deck #462 Luis Sojo (5 votes)

On that note, let's jump into our next frankenset page.

We're back to eight nominees this week, as I still haven't found a worthy member to occupy the #470 slot.

Let's take a look at the contestants.

1998 Fleer Tradition #469 Heathcliff Slocumb

Showing off the hops at Spring Training. 

1991 Upper Deck #471 Shawn Boskie

This Bud's for you.

1991 Topps #472 Kirt Manwaring

Another awesome appearance from Kirt Manwaring, the likely MVP of this frankenset. 

1994 Upper Deck #473 Jody Reed

Not the biggest fan of the 1994 UD design, but there sure are a lot of nice horizontals in this set. 

1991 Stadium Club #474 John Russell

Eat my dust, says John Russell. 

1992 Leaf #475 William Suero

A fantastic double dip for a guy who played in just 33 big league games. 

1971 Topps #476 Dal Maxvill

Double dipping the vintage way. 

1994 Score #477 Kevin Reimer

This week's page closes with a prime example of the faux-back.

The polls are now on the sidebar, and remember to help break last week's tie!

Happy voting!


Metallattorney said...

First comment. I'm picking Murphy. Red Sox card and I have spotlighted this card on my own blog. I love it.

JediJeff said...

Who will break the tie, as I am going with Griffin.

Nachos Grande said...

I'll do it! Murphy wins!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late for the tiebreaker, but I would've gone Murphy as well.

This last batch was a tough choice between Manwaring and Maxvill... Maxvill is cool, but I've loved that Manwaring card since '91 so he gets my love.

Daniel Wilson said...

I love that most of these awesome cards from your Frankenset are from the so called "junk wax" period. Tons of awesome cards out there!

P-town Tom said...

That Slocumb card is fabulous! But, I really like the vintage double dip. Coin flip on this one.