Sunday, March 22, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 56: Numbers 496-504

Last week's frankenset voting was a squeaker.

Win -- 1995 Stadium Club #495 Turner Ward (11 votes)

Place -- 1993 Donruss #487 John Marzano (10 votes)

Show -- 2013 Topps #489 Erick Aybar (9 votes)

To me, this is a pretty big upset. The Ward is a fantastic card, but I pegged it as an also-ran on last week's page, especially considering that he was up against two vintage heavyweights. I myself was one of only three people to vote for Ken Boswell's '71 Topps double dip. Something about those '71 action shots gets me every time.

I didn't think Ward would be able to take down the other eight strong candidates, but, in the end, he earned eleven of the 44 total votes to narrowly take the crown.

Shows what I know.

We have nine new nominees ready to go on this, the last day of my spring break.

Let's take a closer look at this week's page.

1993 Bowman #496 Rey Sanchez

Double dipping with a rare action shot from Bowman. 

1985 Topps #497 Gary Pettis

Gary Pettis famously pulled a good old switcheroo on Topps in 1985.

That's actually Pettis's younger brother, Lynn. 

1982 Donruss #498 Darrell Porter


1997 Upper Deck #499 Joey Cora

A nice Spring Training double dip. 

1993 Upper Deck #500 Brent Gates CL

Our fifth hero number is a four-pronged multiple-exposure shot from 1993 Upper Deck. 

1994 Collector's Choice #501 Mark Lemke

Can't tell if stretching or tying shoe. 

1995 Score #502 Geronimo Berroa

Throwing it back to the days of the PCL's Oakland Oaks. 

2002 Upper Deck #503 Tom Shearn

I'll leave all the "three balls" jokes up to you. 

1993 Upper Deck #504 Brent Gates DD

I'm pretty sure this is the only page in my frankenset binder that features two cards of the same guy from the same set.

This Brent Gates double dip closes out this week's group.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Tony Burbs said...

Fun fact: Brent Gates originally auditioned for the lead role in Multiplicity, before losing out to Michael Keaton.

Or not, probably not.

BobWalkthePlank said...

I think owning two Brent Gates cards automatically makes you a super collector.

Have to go with Gary Pettis.

Mark Kaz said...

I really dig both the Sanchez and Lemke cards, but the Pettis is a classic! Looks like it's gonna be a landslide.

Anonymous said...

I normally don't give extra consideration to DP cards, but something about that Rey Sanchez card just "spoke to me". Looks like I'm in the minority, though.