Sunday, February 12, 2012

Please Mr. Postman (A trade post) -- A bonus

After I got back from the card show yesterday, I found another package from Wiliam over at "Foul Bunt" in my mailbox.

He was already nice enough to send me a great batch of cards about a week ago, and he told me he already had another pile of cards for me a few days after I received that one.

William sent me a bunch of cards for my Hall of Fame collection. The Sutton is one of the best cards I've seen from 1986 Topps.

The Giamatti fits nicely into my oddball collection. It surprised me to learn that Giamatti served less than a year as baseball commissioner, passing away shortly after banishing Pete Rose from baseball.

I also found a few 2012 Topps base cards I needed in the package from William.

The Gorzelanny is my early favorite for card of the year.

This just blew me away.

William is a huge fan of Virgil Trucks. He and Trucks regularly write letters back and forth to each other, something which William has mentioned quite a few times on his blog.

In one of our emails, I mentioned that Trucks was one my favorites of the somewhat obscure guys I like to collect.

I was shocked to find an actual Virgil Trucks autograph in the package I received. It may just be the greatest card I've received since starting this blog.

Thanks so much, William!

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William Regenthal said...

Anytime man. I'm glad you liked the package. As always, it is my pleasure.