Monday, February 13, 2012

Please Mr. Postman (A trade post) -- From Christy to Yogi

I was happy to find a few packages waiting for me after getting home from school this afternoon. (I think I've got a case of the "Mondays".)

I was excited to see that one of them was from Ted over at "Crinkly Wrappers". He'd inquired about some extra vintage cards I had and we worked out a nice and simple trade.

Out of all the bloggers I've talked to thus far, I think my collecting goals are most similar to Ted's. He likes Hall of Famers, guys in unfamiliar uniforms, all that good stuff. (It made it easier to find some extra stuff to send to him that I thought he'd like.)

Once I opened the package, the first cards I saw were a few Hoyt Wilhelms.

Out of my vast amount of player collections, my Wilhelm one is easily my favorite. (The second-ever post on this blog was dedicated to him.)

Unfortunately, I already had the couple Wilhelm inserts that Ted sent. But it's the thought that counts!

However, the manu-patch at the top of this post is a prized new addition to the collection. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the manu-patches, but who cares?

It's Hoyt Wilhelm!

But Ted didn't stop there. 

He also sent me a bunch of cards from my set needs and an array of HOF/Retired cards.

The cards I collect are ever-changing, but one thing is for certain. I will always collect cards of the old-timey HOF guys, like Christy Mathewson.

Jack Chesbro was one of the best turn-of-the-century pitchers, winning 41 games for the New York Highlanders (later the Yankees) in 1904. This is just my fifth card of Chesbro.

But I love cards of almost every Hall of Famer, not just the "dead ball era" guys. Ted included a few of them as well.

As you might know by now, I love the 2001 and '02 Topps Archives sets. I'm surprised I didn't already own the Yogi, but I do now!

Hank Greenberg is not just one of my all-time favorite baseball players. He's one of my favorite figures from all of American history.

These are a couple of the Burgundy parallels from the 1994 Conlon set. I haven't been able to get my hands on too many of these thus far.

Here's a couple more of the great HOF cards Ted sent me.

A couple of my personal favorite players, especially Harmon Killebrew.

I wish I had more of these cereal box refractor cards that Topps issued a couple years ago.

This Spahn one is especially neat. Plus, my scanner does a great job with refractors.

Wilhelm patch aside, this might be my favorite out of all the stuff from Ted.

Nine times out of ten, I'll take a card of a Hall of Famer over a current guy.

But this card is just so darn awesome. I loved the the 2010 National Chicle set. (One of the more underrated sets in recent memory.) The SPs were especially neat. They included HOFers "wearing" current jerseys, and current guys wearing the throwbacks.

Joe Mauer in a Washington Senators jersey? Too cool. 

This might be my second-favorite card from the set, next to Ichiro in a Seattle Pilots uniform.

Thank you so much for all the great cards, Ted! 

Hopefully you'll enjoy the cards coming your way as much as I enjoyed these.


moremonkeys138 said...

Too bad you had those Wilhelm's. I figured they were numbered so maybe a little harder to come by but I'm glad you enjoyed them regardless. The Burgundy Conlons are always nice but I'd only collect them if I was able to get more of them easier, so I also figured you may like those as well. Glad to see it all arrived safe and that you enjoyed what was sent!

Nick said...

I actually just got that Legendary Cuts Wilhelm you sent a few weeks ago. If only I would've held off a little longer! (haha)

I'm loving that Wilhelm manu-patch though, I'd never even seen one until the one you sent showed up today.

I think I have one or two of the Burgundy Conlons already, but you're right, they are very tough to find. I just wish I could find some of those '95 Conlons somewhere, those are impossible to find as well.

Thanks again for the cards!