Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dime Box Heroes: The more the merrier

2000 Topps "21st Century Topps" #C-9 Vladimir Guerrero

I'm sure there's at least one player that seems to follow us wherever we go.

That one guy that always seems to be in every pack you buy. That one creepy guy.

As far as packs go, I have "that guy". Evan Longoria. The guy's in everything I buy. It became apparent to me early on, because I pulled two of his 2008 Topps Chrome rookies when they were commanding righteous bucks.

However, I collect Evan Longoria, so bring 'em on. I have no problem pulling card after card of his.

This concept of a player "following" you extends to dime boxes as well. Dozens and dozens of cards of that one player.

For me, that guy is Vladimir Guerrero, without a doubt. I seem to find a few cards of his in every dime box I go through. One of the dime boxes that I looked through last year might well have had "Vlad-o-rama" marked on the front of it. About a quarter of the box was all Vlad cards. (I came away with about 75 cards of Vladdy from that one box.)

I don't mind that "Vlad the Impaler" follows me. I don't mind it one bit. He's still probably my favorite player in the game right now. (It's a toss-up between him and Ichiro.)

I currently own more cards of Vlad than any other player in my collection. An official investigation that I conducted a couple minutes ago shows that I have 580 different cards of Vladimir Guerrero. 

You can chalk up about a third of that total to dime boxes I've gone through over the years. He seems to be in all of them.

There's a couple hundred Vlad cards that I had to choose from for this post, but I decided on that awesome 2000 Topps insert. It's definitely one of the neatest cards I've scanned thus far.

I hope that Vlad continues to follow me in my future dime box "quests".

Maybe there's another five-hundred-and-eighty Vladimir Guerrero cards in my future.


William Regenthal said...

I'm trying to think of the player who is following me around. Maybe Johnny Damon. My mom's was Oil Can Boyd. Every time she would open something, she would pull him.

Hackenbush said...

In terms of junk wax era I seem to find a lot of Steve Buechele cards. Steve Buechele. "I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat. Let me have an "E". "There are five E's". "Is it, Steve Buechele? Damn!