Saturday, April 14, 2012

Please Mr. Postman (A trade post) -- The new guy in town

Look out now, but there's a new blogger in town.

I recently worked out a trade with Adam, author of the brand-new blog "ARPsmith's Sportscard Obsession". This was our third trade, as Adam has been a reader of mine and other blogs for a while now.

I'm glad he finally decided to take the plunge into the blogosphere by starting his own blog.

Adam and I agreed on a simple one-for-one PWE Heritage swap, SP for SP. The above card is the first (of many, I'm sure) card featuring Prince Fielder as a Detroit Tiger.

I'm still getting accustomed to it. I guess I got too used to him as a Brewer.

Fielder is one of my favorites in the game right now. He's already hit his first couple homers as a Tiger this season. I'm sure Tigers fans will have the privilege of seeing many, many more over the course of the next nine years.

Thanks to Adam for hitting one of the elusive Heritage short prints I needed!

Be sure to check out his brand spankin' new blog as well!

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