Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please Mr. Postman (A trade post) -- Every bit counts

In trading, as with baseball, not every trade has to be a blockbuster.

Simple one-for-one swaps are always fine with me, like the trade I recently made with Oscar over at "All Trade Bait, All The Time".

He contacted me about a card he wanted from my trade lists. As a result, I went on a hunt through his many, many pieces of tradebait from his blog. I found a perfect trade candidate with the above Melvin Mora card.

And just like that, a trade was born.

For one, I love the Diamond Anniversary cards from last year. They're a great indicator of just how far card designs have some in the last twenty years or so. (Imagine something like that in the early '90s.)

Also, Mora as a D-Back is a good "Short Term Stops" candidate, as he played in just 42 games in Arizona last year. He retired a couple days before I went up to Milwaukee to see a Brewers-D'Backs game last summer. They hadn't even removed his name from the scorecard yet.

See how much a single card can mean? That's why smaller trades are always good in my book.

Thanks to Oscar for the great card!

Also, a very happy Easter to everyone!

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Stealing Home said...

yup, im a big fan of 'small' trades also. looking forward to the next..and the next...