Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A nominee for "The Worst Card Ever"

If there's one thing I pride myself in, it's staying positive.

I'm trying to be positive while watching this Marlins-Phillies game on ESPN right now, but I think I'm going to lose it if they mention Ozzie Guillen one more time. I haven't heard them actually call one play in the game yet.

Oh well. That's ESPN for you, I guess. I should be happy they're even talking about baseball.

Not to mention that my fantasy team has only hit over .200 one day since the start of the season.

So I'm going to get my negativity out in tonight's post while trying to ignore these ESPN announcers. What better way to do that then through baseball cards?

I was sifting through my Angels binder this evening when I came across the above card, one of my seemingly endless array of Vladimir Guerrero cards. I've said it before, but I own over 500 different Vlad cards, easily the most of any single player in my collection.

While I might be forgetting a couple awful cards or two, I have to say that this is indeed the worst card I own. (Although I don't have it, you could argue that this one is even worse.)

If I didn't know any better, I would think it was a Matt Garza card. I even almost filed it under my Garzas. That far-away, fuzzy guy in the white uniform in the background is Vladimir Guerrero.

I know you couldn't use logos and all in 2010, Upper Deck, but surely you could have found a better way to commemorate Vlad's 400th career dinger.

Another thing I dislike about this card is the fact that he's listed as a DH. That's usually a sign that a guy's career is coming to an end. Although he hasn't signed anywhere yet, I'm praying that he can hang around for at least one more year.

I couldn't imagine the game without Vlad.

Seeing this card again got me thinking. "What is the absolute worst card ever produced?"

If anyone has one that they think could beat this Vlad, I'd like to see it. Card companies have done some great things over the years, but like anything else, they'll have a slip-up here and there. Maybe this could be a new blogging topic or something.

"The Worst Card Ever." Bracket-style. (Just a thought.)

As with everything else, I'm a positive guy when it comes to cardboard. I find something or other to enjoy in most sets. I love 99.9999 percent of this great hobby. Let's face it, though. In rare cases, being positive is an impossibility.

This card is no exception.


JediJeff said...

Be happy the game on ESPN doesn't have the Yankees or the BoSox as one of the teams, like 99% of the games on ESPN have.

night owl said...

I've done the "worst card of the year" in years past.

Some candidates:

The OPC Michael Young is pretty damn bad.

AdamE said...

Your hopeing he can play another year? Evidently you haven't seen the Vlad news from the last couple days...

Don said...

A couple of cards come to mind as being bad. 1996 (I think) Score Bobby Higginson. It is photo of him holding a sign with his name on it. 1995 Score Kenny Rodgers. No photo of Rodgers, just a photo of the scoreboard from when he threw his perfect game.

Nick said...

One can have hope, right? Even if it might be false hope...

Nick said...

I need to get my hands on that OPC Young card one of these days. It's so bad, I need to have it. (I was actually going to do a post about the OPC set last night, but I saved it for another time.)