Friday, April 6, 2012

Cardboard Masterpieces, Pt. 3

2007 Upper Deck #301 David Weathers

Autographs are a great tradition in the game of baseball, having spanned across all generations of fans.

It seems like every set features at least one card of a guy signing autographs. I hope that tradition continues for a long, long time, as they make for great cards. They're a reminder of one of the reasons why baseball is such a great game.

For me, "autograph" cards don't get any better than this. Well-traveled reliever David Weathers was in the twilight of his career by the time this card was released in 2007.

But judging from the smile on his face, his love of the game was still going strong. 

We see Weathers taking some time out of his pre-game routine to sign some autographs for some Reds fans. First off, I love the shot of him in his workout jersey. It reminds me of the stacks of '70s cards that feature the similar "garbage bag" uniforms.

What makes the card for me is the glove neatly placed on top of Weathers's head. I don't think I've ever seen that before on a piece of cardboard.

A "masterpiece" isn't limited to only great action shots.

It's just a card that puts a smile on your face.


Hackenbush said...

Love an athlete, or anyone really, that doesn't take themselves too seriously. Good for you, David!

hiflew said...

The only other one with the glove on the head that come to mid to mind for me is the 1997 Score Ellis Burks. Do a search for it. It is my favorite Burks card of all time.

Nick said...

Never seen that one before, just did a search for it. Very cool!

I bet you already have it, but Burks's 1995 Pinnacle issue is a nice one as well. I think his '97 Score tops that one, though.

hiflew said...

Oh yeah with the Cubs sign on the wall. Yeah it is a great card.

"that come to mid to mind for me"...I promise I'm not drunk, apparently just stupid.