Thursday, April 19, 2012

I love organizing

Returning from a successful card show is one of the greatest feelings ever.

Of course, there's the initial joy of actually unearthing the cards at the show. Then coming home and re-examining all the day's finds is almost like reliving the entire afternoon all over again. Sometimes, I'll come across a card that I forgot I even bought in the first place.

Then it hits you.

"I'm going to have to sort and organize all these cards at some point."

Now, I'm sure I take it to the extreme when it comes to the sheer amount of pickups at card shows. I remember counting something like 770 total finds at last November's show, and I bought over 530 cards at last month's card extravaganza, including a quarter box find with the above Dave Winfield card. (It's interesting how the elegance of Wrigley Field in the background contrasts with the horrible 80's Padres uniforms.)

But I bet all of us come home with a healthy stack of new cards, at the least, all of which need to be organized in our own ways. (I never really understood how people could go to a show and come back with only two or three cards. But that's just me.)

As a result of my immense number of finds, it usually takes me about a week to fully organize everything and put all the cards in their rightful spots in my binders.

At first, I always react with both denial and a bit of anger. "Do I really have to put all these away? It's going to take forever! I hate organizing."

Lately, I've come to the realization that actually sorting and putting away my new cards can actually be fun and relaxing, in moderation. (Putting away a ton of cards at once can get a bit tedious.)

It allows me to soak up my collection a little more each time I do it. Sometimes, I'll be in front of the TV while I organize. Other times, I'll just be sitting alone on the bed in my room. It's simply a great way to relax and clear the mind.

It doesn't even require you to have new cards that need to be put away. Perhaps you could just sift through a doubles box you have handy and enjoy those. Sometimes, I'll even pull a random bin full of overproduction era cards from under my bed and start looking through those for no other reason that I love the hobby.

While it may not seem like it at first, I think most of us do appreciate the process of organizing our cards, whether we want to admit it or not.

Without it, the hobby might just fly right past us.


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

I actually dread organizing only because I know how anal I am about making sure everything has its spot and label. It should be fun, but it's probably the least enjoyable aspect of this hobby for me. /whine :D

Dhoff said...

I'm all about organizing. I'm a big alphabetizer, and I find great satisfaction in that, in ordering my smaller player collections in binders by names.

For my big player collections, I get all into sorting by year and brand, and I find a ton of joy in figuring out my system.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I truly love organizing or cards more. Is that weird?

Fuji said...

Great post! I'm headed to a small mall show today & I still have unsorted cards from the last show I attended (2 months ago) waiting for me on my desk. Maybe this afternoon, I'll relax and organize my show purchases.