Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dime boxes across the U.S.A.

"Regional" is a term that can be attributed to lots of different areas of life.

Accents, food, music, and many others. Some things are only popular in certain areas, for whatever reason. (My dinner tonight is going to be Italian beef. Good luck finding that anywhere else besides Chicago.)

Sports are a prime example, obviously. Sure, I bet you can find your Nationals fans in Colorado, but an overwhelming majority of them are probably Rockies fans.

Originally, dime boxes were something I thought was found across the country. After all, I'd seen them at almost every show I've ever gone to. In fact, I can't think of a show that hasn't had one offhand. A couple of them have even had cards from the local Cubs/White Sox (including the above Bill Buckner), a rare feat.

Even the smallest of the small had a dime box for me to peruse through.

However, a recent post by Night Owl has led me to believe that the opposite may be true.

Apparently, dime boxes are nowhere to be found on the east coast.

Even quarter boxes are a rare find, I'm told.

But why the absence of dime boxes? I don't really have an answer for that one. Perhaps someone who lives on the east coast could venture a better guess than I ever could.

What about you west coasters?

Do you have dime boxes? It's odd that something as simple as dime boxes would vary from region to region. I would think that vendors from all parts of the country have cheap cards they want to unload.

What better way to do that then with dime boxes?

I've personally never been to any other card shows outside of about an hour radius from where I live. Perhaps shows are a bit different once you stray away from the Chicago area. But as of now, I wouldn't know.

I'm at a loss for a theory on the regional dime box differences. All I can say for anyone that has yet to experience one is to keep looking. I would think that one will turn up sooner or later.

When it does, you won't forget it.



There are plenty of them in north central Ohio. Most of the mall, and other card shows, have dime, quarter and dollar boxes. I love 'em !

JediJeff said...

I'm going go all Chicago on you and totally ignore your questions and insert my own:

Nick - where'd you get the beef from?

Nick said...

This time, it was store-bought (I don't recall the exact brand), but it's every bit as good as a regular beef sandwich.

I'll have a beef sandwich from the appropriately-named "Mr. Beef" from time to time. The best in the country, in my opinion. :)

Spiegel83 said...

The card shop that I go to has an awesome dime box. I find a lot of vintage, base,inserts, parallels and oddball. Dime boxes are found in LA.

Mark Aubrey said...

I prefer Al's Beef when I'm in Chicago.

Other Chicago food topics should probably have their own post.

The last card show I attended here in east Tennessee had a good number of dime boxes. Great stuff. But that was several years ago.

arpsmith said...

I have to concur with Spiegel, although I "stole" his card shop. It is a great dime box and once I get a chance to do some scanning, I will be writing a post to share my successes. My other local shop in Orange County, CA does not have a dime box however.