Sunday, June 21, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 69: Numbers 613-621

We had some close voting last week.

Win -- 1993 Upper Deck #611 Francisco Cabrera (8 votes)

Place -- 1989 Topps #607 Willie Ansley (6 votes)

Show (tie) -- 1992 Pinnacle #606 Randy Tomlin, 1993 Upper Deck #612 Rey Sanchez (5 votes each)

Francisco Cabrera's eight-vote victory was the lowest number of tallies for a victor in quite a while, but that speaks more to how spread out the voting was last week. Eight of the nine cards received tallies (sorry, Charles Nagy), and six of those garnered at least four votes a piece.

I voted for Randy Tomlin and his Vulcan change, but I can't argue much with the ultimate winner. It's 1993 Upper Deck and Francisco Cabrera, arguably the most famous 25th man in the game's history.

Because anyone can be Hero for A Day in baseball.

It is my pleasure to introduce this week's special Father's Day frankenset page.

My dad has been reading and voting right along with all of you during this little series, and I'm always interested to hear who he picks. Maybe he'll end up siding with the victor this week.

Let's meet the nine new nominees.

1993 Donruss #613 Pete O'Brien

Why does the sight of the bespectacled Pete O'Brien and his broken bat remind me so much of Harry Potter? (Expelliarmus!)

1991 Topps #614 Luis Salazar

Some rare action at third on this beautiful horizontal from 1991 Topps. 

1992 Upper Deck #615 Chris Bosio

The current Cubs pitching coach signing for some lucky fans. 

1986 Topps #616 Glenn Brummer

Catcher, runner, umpire, dust, Yankee Stadium...this play at the plate has it all. 

2013 Topps #617 Fernando Rodney

No matter how you feel about Rodney's postgame "arrow" celebration, you have to admit this is a pretty fantastic baseball card.

1994 Collector's Choice #618 Marvin Freeman

Mr. Freeman signing on the back of his '94 Collector's Choice issue because, as I've said, I can't bring myself to display my cards flip-side-first in my binders. 

1989 Score #619 Kirt Manwaring

This is one of Kirt Manwaring's earliest cards, and he already had the future makings of a Frankenset MVP.

2002 Upper Deck #620 Rocky Biddle

As if the name Rocky Biddle wasn't great enough, he's sporting a Sox throwback. 

1993 Donruss #621 Ron Tingley

Springing to action at the crack of the bat.

That about does it for this week's Father's Day frankenset page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


P-town Tom said...

I have to go with the Manwaring card. Not only is it a play at the plate, but it also features a pitcher sliding into home, with his warmup jacket! Great stuff!

Mike said...

Is that Willie Randolph on the Brummers card?

Adam said...

Manwaring! Totally agree with P-town Tom's comment on the pitcher with the jacket.

Adam said...

I also noticed the logo mismatch on the Pete O'Brien card. I think 93 was the year they switched, but this photo is probably from 92. Would that count as a throwback? As a lifetime Ms fan, I almost voted for Pete because of that, but just couldn't do it.