Monday, February 6, 2012

"Short Term Stops", #4: Dale Murphy

1993 Ultra #353 Dale Murphy (Rockies)

Sorry, Dale Murphy fans, but this one has to be brought up when this topic is discussed.

Dale Murphy had a great career, to say the least. He's a borderline Hall of Famer in my book. But his career stats were hampered by the fact that he played a few years too long.

1991 was Murphy's last full season. He'd hit just .252 in 153 games with Philadelphia. The Phillies released "The Murph" after a horrid 1992 season where he played in just 18 games (with a .161 average).

The Rockies signed him on the same day he was released, presumably to bring some "veteran leadership" to the club. I'm not sure about it, but I'd guess that Murphy was the oldest player on the Rockies roster in their inaugural 1993 season, at 37 years of age.

Murphy's career wouldn't end on a high note, as he hit just .143 without a single homer in 26 games with the Rockies. 

The ends of the careers of once-great players often look pretty ugly on the back of their baseball cards.

But they sure make for great additions to my "Short Term Stops" collection.


Mariner1 said...

You can show me Murph as a Rockie or a Phillie and I don;t like it. While I will collect his cards in those uniforms, he will always be an Atlanta Brave in my heart.

hiflew said...

Murphy was actually the second oldest Rockies player on the Opening roster. Starting pitcher Bryn Smith was about seven months older. Coincidentally, he was also released in mid-season. I don't know what the Rockies fascination with past their prime players is, but it seems to be continuing today.

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

At least guys like Murphy hung on for the love of the game and not money... Still, he is only a Brave in my eyes!!