Sunday, August 16, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 3: Numbers 19-27

We had a close one last week.

Win -- 1995 Topps #17 Dave Nilsson (8 votes)

Place -- 2005 Topps Fan Favorites #12 Glenn Hubbard (7 votes)

Show -- 1995 Pinnacle #16 Mickey Morandini (6 votes)

In what turned out to be a narrow, one-vote victory, the psychedelic Dave Nilsson took eight of the 36 total tallies to win last week's frankenset crown. The votes were well spread out, as six of the nine nominees received at least four a piece.

In what was personally one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make, I did end up giving Nilsson the slight edge over Morandini and the 2015 Stadium Club Zach Britton.

It doesn't look like the choices will be getting any easier this week.

Let's meet our nine newest frankenset hopefuls.

1972 Topps #19 Billy Cowan

The holy Billy Cowan. 

1994 Topps #20 Bryan Harvey

This quirky water-vapor effect doesn't appear on many cards, but it's flat-out gold when it does.

1999 Stadium Club #21 Darren Oliver

Going over the top for this beauty from the Stadium Club annals.

 1993 SP #22 Damion Easley

Turning two in front of the Green Monster.

1995 Topps #23 Mike Devereaux

A member of the all-gymnastics baseball card club. 

2001 Stadium Club #24 Pete Harnisch

More over-the-top cardboard art from Stadium Club. 

2012 Topps #25 Neil Walker

Double dipping at Wrigley. 

1999 Upper Deck #26 Brian Anderson

Solid sac bunt form. 

1993 Upper Deck #27 Dave Nied

We close with a draft day tip of the cap from Dave Nied, the #1 expansion pick of the Colorado Rockies.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

As much as I love Shadow Shots (BTW those 2 came in 2, and 3 for me), had to go with signs from above (punning). Went with the Halo.

Marcus said...

I'm not the only one who voted for Nied! Yay! But the Cowan is pretty rad, and currently has half the vote.