Sunday, February 15, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 51: Numbers 451-459

Last week's frankenset matchup came down to the wire.

Win -- 1992 Stadium Club #446 Mike Greenwell (11 votes)

Place -- 1993 Leaf #442 Carlos Hernandez (9 votes)

Show -- 1994 Stadium Club #450 Darren Daulton (7 votes)

Greenwell and Hernandez were neck-and-neck for much of the week, but a couple late votes pushed Greenwell over the top. He ended up receiving eleven of the 40 total votes.

While I ended up voting for a card that didn't even come in the top three (Ellis Valentine), there's no doubting that this fantastic "at the wall" shot is well deserving of the victory. With the amount of Dodger fans in the blogosphere, though, I was kind of expecting Hernandez to win.

Call it an upset.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a worthy nominee for card #458 on this page, so we only have eight contestants this week.

But what a group of eight it is.

Let's meet them.

1996 Upper Deck #451 Joey Hamilton

A Padre pitcher at the plate, perfect for alliteration fanatics like myself.

1973 Topps #452 Paul Casanova

He's on his horse!

1989 Upper Deck #453 Ed Whitson

Doubling up on the Padre pitchers at the plate.

1997 Upper Deck #454 Rex Hudler

 Rex Hudler looking for a little divine intervention.

1991 Topps #455 Walt Weiss

One of the best double dips ever. 

1976 SSPC #456 Joe Hoerner

Joe Hoerner rockin' the sunhat. 

1994 Collector's Choice #457 Geronimo Pena

All Pena wanted was a piggyback ride.

1996 Score #459 Mark Leiter

We close this week's page with a camera/little tyke combo, the mark of a rare double mini-collection hit.

The polls are now on the sidebar. I'll be looking for a card to fill that empty slot in the meantime.

Happy voting!


BobWalkthePlank said...

When I saw Weiss I automatically assumed I would pick him, but that Pena is awesome. Upset!

Alex Markle said...

Going with Hudler just because we went to the same high school.

Mark Kaz said...

Easy vote for me. Weiss' card is iconic. It can hold its own against most any horizontal card out there, in my opinion.

Metallattorney said...

The Weiss was in my very first pack of cards. What a great-looking card.

Anonymous said...

Yow! Tough choices! There are three cards that would easily win in any other week! Which to chose, which to chose...

BTW, I've got an upcoming post that features that Geronimo Pena card; I'll have to bump it up in the rotation...

Brian said...

Have to go with Weiss. After a few years of very blah to blech sets, in '91 Topps reminded everyone who was the King. So many fantastic action photos, and the Weiss double dip is one of the best.