Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset Bracket: Palmer Region

Last week's results are in!

#1 (Page 51) -- 1973 Topps #456 Dick Green (24 votes)


#9 (Page 34) -- 1995 Collector's Choice #299 Chuck Carr (13 votes)

#4 (Page 22) -- 2017 Stadium Club #197 Tyler Skaggs (18 votes + tie-breaking vote)


#12 (Page 61) -- 1983 Fleer #543 Ron Gardenhire (18 votes)

#14 (Page 42) -- 1992 Stadium Club #376 Greg Gagne (21 votes)


#6 (Page 12) -- 2017 Stadium Club #104 Ryon Healy (15 votes)

#7 (Page 31) -- 1973 Topps #273 Chris Speier (21 votes)


#2 (Page 57) -- 1994 Topps #511 Devon White (15 votes)

Well what have we here: another tie!

Amidst the madness that saw a #14 seed advance to the Sweet 16 and one of my personal favorites knocked out of the tourney (Devon White -- because how often do you see a dude reading mail on baseball cards?), we had yet another deadlock. As you can see, Tyler Skaggs and Ron Gardenhire ended up in an 18-18 tie after a week of fighting. As usual, I ask the first five people who care to comment on this post to leave their choice between Skaggs and Gardenhire -- the first card to receive three of these tie-breaking votes will move on to the next round.

I'll update this post once we have a winner.

EDIT: Skaggs wins!


For now, however, we journey into the last and final region of the bracket: the Palmer Region, named for Shades himself.

Let's check out this week's matchups.

#1 (Page 60) -- 1975 Topps #533 Rudy Meoli


#8 (Page 50) -- 1994 Stadium Club #448 Erik Pappas

#4 (Page 54) -- 1996 Collector's Choice #484 Rex Hudler


#5 (Page 1) -- 2018 Stadium Club #9 Zack Godley

#3 (Page 35) -- 1995 Upper Deck #312 Steve Buechele


#11 (Page 47) -- 1993 Upper Deck #415 Denny Neagle

#2 (Page 74) -- 1992 Upper Deck #666 Bob Ojeda


#7 (Page 33) -- 1963 Topps #294 Bill Rigney

That's it for this week's matchups. The polls are now on the sidebar -- and don't forget to help break last week's tie!

Happy voting!


Mike said...


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Goin with the garden

Adam Kaningher said...


Jeff b said...


Elliptical Man said...


P-town Tom said...

I'm liking Neagle for the upset this week. Very cool card, but I'm sure the Wrigley grounds crew was wincing as he leaned into their ivy. LOL

Fuji said...

Glad to see Skaggs sneak in. Was gonna be so bummed if he didn't make it to the next round. It's such a great card.

GCA said...

Is that Rigney for real with that logo? Never seen that before

Chris said...

I can only vote at work for some reason, but I'm all in on Denny Neagle.

acrackedbat said...

the Rigney is a beautiful shot. Reminds me of the photo choices found on Stadium Club. I may have to find a nice copy of this one. It has my vote!