Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 51: Numbers 451-459

Frankenset Page #67 WINNER --1969 Topps #603 Joe Keough (11 votes + tie-breaking vote)

And in the battle of last week's frankenset page, we have...another tie!

Jose Lind and Joe Keough ended up neck-and-neck, each ending up with 11 of the 34 total votes at the polls. So with a tie, of course, comes a tie-breaker. As is standard tie-breaking protocol, I ask the first five people who'd like to comment on this post to leave their chose between Lind and Keough. The first of the two cards to receive three of these tie-breaking votes will be the king.

I'll update this post once we have a winner.

EDIT: Keough wins!

In the meantime, we have a new batch of hopefuls on display -- as chosen by the Random Number Generator, we'll be looking at Page 51 (#s 451-459) of the frankenset this week.

Let's meet the nominees.

1998 Ultra Gold Medallion #451G John Burkett

AL pitcher John Burkett assumes the classic pose (Gold Medallion parallel here because I don't yet own the base card, for some reason). 

1998 Fleer Tradition #452 Roberto Hernandez

Fun with the fans. 

1989 Upper Deck #453 Ed Whitson

A spiffy pitcher at the plate from UD's inaugural year. 

1997 Upper Deck #454 Rex Hudler

Rex Hudler, jokester extraordinaire. 

1984 Fleer #455 Dan Meyer

A classic from my favorite year of Fleer. 

1973 Topps #456 Dick Green


1992 Topps #457 Hubie Brooks

I will forever love these in-motion action shots (and is that a Big Eric Gregg cameo?).  

2002 Upper Deck #458 Adam Melhuse

Play at the plate! 

2006 Upper Deck Special F/X #459 Juan Dominguez

A rare tatooine sighting (better shown on the standard UD single which, again, I don't yet own).

That's it for this page. The polls are now on the sidebar, and don't forget to help break last week's tie!

Happy voting!


Mike said...


Johnnys Trading Spot said...


P-town Tom said...

Lind! Love the Ryno cameo!

Trevor P said...

Gonna make it interesting. I vote Keough.

shoeboxlegends said...

Keough all the way!

Fuji said...

This was easy for me. Dick Green.

Brett Alan said...

I'm going Lind.

Matt said...

Sorry for the error, Green, but it makes for a great card!