Friday, July 31, 2015

Where I'm the National and beyond (last chance for meetup!)

So I can't really string together many cohesive thoughts right now because my mind is about ninety-nine-percent focused on my trip to the National tomorrow.

This is a big event for me, and I have a theory that grand events in life tend to be clustered together. Well, once again, this was once again proved correct just yesterday, because I found out that, after over a year of applying and applying for jobs (and repeatedly getting rejected), I finally landed one.

It's at a bookstore, and a bookstore at O'Hare airport, no less. So, if any of you fly through Chicago on a semi-regular basis, feel free to stop and say hi.

Now, I'm still not sure about when I start or the hours or anything like that, but this means that, finally, I'll have a little extra money to spend on card and non-card related things. But, on the flip side of the coin, this also means that my blogging pace may take a decent-sized hit.

Then again, I'm lucky if I crack 20 posts a month now, which is a fraction of the frequency I was at a couple years ago.

So, yeah, there's that.

And, as I mentioned, I'll be headed to a little thing called the National tomorrow.

I feel insanely lucky, in that the convention hall is only a short bus and train ride from where I live (maybe 30 minutes each way). People travel from around the country to be at this thing, and I'm about a town away.

Now, I've already gone through what I hope to accomplish at this year's National, but I wanted to put another feeler out for any possible bloggers (or readers) that will be in attendance tomorrow.

I'm planning on meeting with both Brian and William at some point during the day, and, if anyone else would like to hang out for a bit, feel free to leave a comment and/or email me. Maybe we'll even share a good dime box dig.

My budget tomorrow will likely be a small fraction of what most people spend at the National (mostly funded by selling off a few cards I decided I could live without), but I'm sure I'll make do with what I can. I'm not really looking to make one big pricey splash this time around, more a bunch of little discounted splashes. Even at the National, bargain hunting will be the name of the game.

Wow. New job, the National, and, to add more to the pile, I'll be starting my final semester as an undergraduate in about three weeks.

It's goes in clusters.


TheRealDFG said...

Congrats on the new gig! Being out of work definitely sucks. I'm going to the show tomorrow as well. My 6th National...but I also have a fraction of previous years budget. Will be interesting for sure.

Mark Hoyle said...

Have a great day.

Adam said...

Best of luck on the new job. Have fun at the National, looking forward to reading about your finds!

Fuji said...

Congratulations on the new job! Have fun @ the show tomorrow. Hope you find lots of hidden treasures in those dime boxes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick! It looks like William, Andrew, and I will be meeting up with you tomorrow! I've already gone through a ton of dime boxes, and as soon as I saw them, I'd knew you'd like them. I look forward to meeting you!

Xavier Higgins said...

Stick to your guns.

Anonymous said...

The scene: A bookstore in O'Hare Airport, Chicago, IL

TSA Agent: Sir, we've had numerous reports that you've been exchanging small, suspicious looking packages with people just before they board airplanes, would you care to explain yourself?

Nick: That's nothing to worry about, I'm just trading with people I know through the internet. I write this blog, "Dime Boxes", and...

TSA Agent: "Dime Boxes"? Is that what you kids call it these days? Am I to understand that you're trading drugs to people who carry out the terrorist activities you no doubt espouse on your blog?

Nick: What?!? No! Baseball cards! I write about baseball cards!

TSA Agent: Sir, you're going to need to come with me...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job, Nick! Hope you enjoy the National (and I am officially very jealous).

Mark said...

Congrats on the job, Nick. Have fun at the National!

Hackenbush said...

You're working at Barbara's? Is that still what's there? My wife worked there before we had to move. She once waited on Ryan Theriot.

Bo said...

I will be in Chicago for work later in the year. I'll look out for you when I'm at O'Hare!