Sunday, March 25, 2012

Please Mr. Postman (A trade post) -- My new favorite GQ card

This is my fourth trade post of the week.

A new record!

Between the card show, the giant box o' minis, the Obak lot, and the hit to my "Fab Four", I don't know that I've ever added so much to my collection in such a short time period.

To top it off, I received what I believe is my new favorite Gypsy Queen card in the mail yesterday. One of the newer blogs out there is "2 by 3 Heroes", authored by Jeff.

Jeff contacted me about some Gypsy Queens he had from my set needs page. It didn't take long at all to finalize a trade.

One of the cards Jeff sent me was the Xavier Nady SP you see above, also known as my new favorite card from the GQ set. From the looks of it, I'd guess that the Nady is a night card. Plus, I love the faint sparkle on Nady's helmet.

Jeff also sent a couple Gypsy Queen inserts I needed.

I didn't buy much GQ last year. I don't really by much of any $3 Target packs that aren't Heritage or A&G. These cards are pretty nice, though, and I'm sure I'll pick up a pack or two once the 2012's come out next month.

Jeff also included some cards of a few of my favorite players as well, such as this treasured new addition to my Aubrey Huff collection.

I don't think he ended up making the catch.

Lastly, we have an A&G mini of my newest player collection, Ryan Dempster.

I'm already gearing up to see Dempster pitch on Opening Day at Wrigley. Not only that, but he'll be pitching against the phenom himself, Stephen Strasburg.

Much thanks to Jeff for the great trade and be sure to check out his new blog!

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