Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zero-Year Cards, Part 27

1993 Pinnacle #498 Mike Scioscia (Padres)

It's a tale of two generations.

To the baseball fans of the past generation, Mike Scioscia is known as a Dodger, famous for being one of the greatest at blocking the plate.

However, I'd bet most of the younger fans, myself included, primarily picture him in an Angels uniform, as he's managed there since 1999. 

One of my first vivid baseball memories is watching the Angels-Giants matchup in the World Series in 2002. The Angels' comeback in Game 6 is still one of the most amazing things I've ever seen happen on a ballfield. Ever since that year, I've been an avid Angels fan.

They're still my favorite non-Chicago sports team.

No one, however, remembers Scioscia as a San Diego Padre. I'm sure it pains a lot of Dodgers fans to even see him playing in another uniform. I never even knew he was a part of the Padres' organization until I bought these cards and pulled his '93 UD issue. I thought that was the only one of him as a Padre until I found this Pinnacle card in a dime box at Saturday's show.

He signed with the Padres after the 1992 season. He missed the entire '93 season due to a torn rotator cuff, never playing in a game for San Diego. He attempted a comeback with the Rangers in 1994, but retired before ever appearing in a game with Texas.

Whether we remember him as a Dodgers catcher or an Angels manager, I have a feeling that Mike Scioscia will remain in the game of baseball for a long, long time.

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Rosenort said...

I found this card last night while entering my Padres into Zistle, weird.