Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Gems of Junk Wax, Pt. 27: 1992 Topps #261 Tom Lasorda

If there's one thing in the hobby that doesn't have a whole lot of excitement, it's manager cards.

After all, there's not a lot of different shots possible. Most of the time, we just get a simple pose on the dugout steps or out on the field. Card companies never really went the extra mile with photographing managers.

That is, until 1992 Topps. The overall design of the set isn't the greatest, but I'll always be partial to it because it was released the year I was born.

1992 Topps boasts two of the greatest cards of the overproduction era. The above Tom Lasorda card and this beauty.

I'm still deciding which one I like better. The Ripken is a pretty serious card, foreshadowing his eventual capture of one of the most hallowed baseball records ever.

However, this one is simply fun. At the time this card was released, Lasorda was 65 years old. Yet he's still keeping up with the likes of Orel Hershiser, Gary Carter, and Kevin Gross, partaking in a morning jog with them with a smile. (Thanks to Night Owl and hiflew, I now know who the guy above Lasorda is. John Candelaria.)

That's what sets this one apart from all other manager cards. Most of the skippers we see on cardboard have serious looks on their faces. It doesn't look like they're enjoying it very much.

1992 Topps showed us that managing can actually be fun.


night owl said...

John Candelaria is behind Lasorda. And that's not Dempsey, it's Kevin Gross.

Somewhere on my blog (and I can't find it at the moment), I featured this card, and people speculated as to who the guy is on the far right. Bob Ojeda, perhaps?

hiflew said...

The guy above Lasorda is John Candelaria I believe. This is one of the best manager cards ever and I never liked Mr. Slim Fast.

hiflew said...

Beat by the master. Oh well.

Nick said...

Thanks for the help guys!

I'm not sure why I thought that was Rick Dempsey, he wasn't even on the Dodgers in '91.

After looking at a picture of Bob Ojeda, I'd say that's a pretty good guess as to who the guy is on the extreme right of this card, but I don't think we could ever know for sure.

Dodgerbobble said...

They're both great cards, of course I like the Tommy card a bit more. I saw this card signed by Tommy and Orel once. Looked sweet.

I'm pretty sure you guys are right, that's Ojeda.

Stealing Home said...

i concur with the ojeda crowd. this is probably my favorite tommy card ever. i love the way he's leadin' the charge of the Blue. long live tommy.

Hackenbush said...

I featured this card as well.