Friday, March 9, 2012

Opening Day is here! (Kind of)

Okay, the actual MLB Opening Day isn't until March 28th.

The Opening Day set, however, came out a few days ago. My dad and I stopped at Target this afternoon to see if they had any packs in yet.

My Target has gotten better with getting new packs in on time. They had 2012 Topps right after they were released, and they had Opening Day on the shelves already.

Sadly, I noticed that the era of the 99 cent pack is over. Topps raised the price of Opening Day packs to a whole $1.09! The regular packs only contain seven cards now as well.

However, Topps did a great thing with Opening Day this year. They now sell these 24-card monster packs for a little over three bucks. My dad was nice enough to get me a couple of those.

My dad told me that they did a similar thing with '75 Topps when he was a kid. They'd have the regular packs for a quarter, and then the thicker packs for 50 cents a piece at the local corner store.

Kudos, Topps. I loved ripping open the 24-card pack.

In the past, Opening Day has always been one of those sets that's just...there.

I never hated it, but I never loved it, either.

This year, however, I'm really liking the looks of these cards. It helps that the letters on the black bar nameplate aren't stamped in foil, so they actually come up when I scan them.

One plus that Opening Day always has is that they airbrush guys into their new uniforms to account for the offseason moves.

Technically, this isn't the first card of Pujols as an Angel. This is.

But let's face it. This is the first card of Pujols in an Angels uniform, as far as I'm concerned.

More airbrush jobs.

These cards are the first to feature the new Miami Marlins uniforms, although I'm not quite sure what to call the color of the jersey that Heath Bell is wearing there.

They even photoshopped the new (or old) Blue Jays uniforms.

I like it.

A base card and blue foil of Stephen Strasburg?

It's a Stras-mas miracle!

Shades of 2010 Topps.

I've always liked the "Superstar Celebrations" inserts, although it took me a few minutes to actually find Alex Rios on his card.

Topps brought back the "Opening Day Stars" 3-D inserts from last year's product.

Another excellent decision.

I'm not too wild about the "Elite Skills" inserts, but at least they're not gold-themed. (Notice that Gold is nowhere to be found on any Opening Day cards.)

I've got to give credit where credit is due.

A fine job all around, Topps.


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

I feel bad for Opening Day. I mean, it'd be a cool set if it came out BEFORE S1. Coming out after S1 would be like Nickelback playing right after a one-off Beatles reunion show.

Not that S1 is comparable to a one-off Beatles reunion show, mind you. :P

hiflew said...

With both 2011 and 2012, I prefer the Opening Day "no foil" design to the flagship. I really went all out with 2011 Opening Day and am still working toward a master set. I am missing about half the blue parallels and one Toppstown (Jose Tabata). All the rest I have including the entire autograph set.

I may end up trying for a master again because most of this looks really cool.