Monday, March 12, 2012

Please Mr. Postman (A trade post) -- The one that started it all

I am proud to say that I have now completed a trade with the blogger that first introduced me to the blogosphere.

Night Owl.

I've mentioned it before, but one day this past summer I was sitting around the house, and I got a crazy thought.

"I wonder if there's any blogs that are solely devoted to baseball cards?"

At the time, I barely even knew what a blog was. I'd never even read one.

Night Owl's blog was the first one that came up after I typed "baseball card blog" into Google. I've been an avid reader of his ever since, and his blogroll introduced me to a number of other great ones out there.

I sent him some Dodgers a few weeks ago based around one of his "Nebulous 9" needs. I arrived home from school today to see a plethora of yellow mailers waiting to be opened, including one from Night Owl. (Interestingly enough, we talked about the Dodgers in my business class today.)

I love 1975 Topps Minis, but not near as much as Night Owl does, obviously. The two he sent me are great additions to my collection. I wonder if Oscar Zamora is the only big leaguer to ever have the initials "O. Z.".

Perhaps he's baseball's version of the Wizard of Oz.

There were a bunch of great odds and ends in the package.

It's no secret that I love the Conlon Collection set. The Hartnett is actually a promotional card, which I've never seen before.

I already had this one that Night Owl sent me, but I want to show it off anyways.

In terms of just personal value, I think this card was my greatest pull of 2011 (out of an Update rack pack). I'm hoping Campana can find a way onto the Cubs' roster this season. He's got the best set of wheels I've ever seen, all he has to do is take some more walks and hit the ball on the ground more.

Cubs games were not all that enjoyable to watch towards the end of last season, but any at-bat that Campana had was a must-see.

I'll be pulling for him this year.

This was the crown jewel of Night Owl's package.

I recently talked about the '92 Donruss Triple Play set in one of my "Gems of Junk Wax" posts.

This is my new favorite card from that set. I wasn't even aware it existed until I saw it in one of Night Owl's "Awesome Night Card" posts.

Much thanks go out to Night Owl for the great trade, hopefully the first of many!

It was an honor.

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