Thursday, January 27, 2022

Men of letters

Much of my joy in life comes from real, tangible items.

I've long believed there's something beautiful in the actual feel of an object. This is why I cannot read on Kindles - I need the physical book. This is also why I'll never understand how people can "collect" on digital apps like Topps Bunt or whatever else - what fun is a card you can't touch? It makes no sense to me. The words "virtual" and "collecting" are oxymorons in my world.

I guess it explains why I find mail so sacred, too. While there's a lot I love about instant communication, I think we're missing something in the demise of written letters. It's why I try to include a little notes in the cards I send out, and why I always enjoy finding similar little blurbs in the packages I receive from fellow bloggers/readers. It conveys personal thought, a human stamp.

In the world of blogger notes, however, I can't imagine it gets much better than the cards I received wrapped in Steve Garvey Jr. High School stationary(!) from Jim (aka gcrl) of "cards as i see them" recently.

Count me among the masses who never knew Steve Garvey had a high school named after him - though I suppose it makes sense I'd learn it from Jim, considering he's the blogosphere's premier Garvey fanatic.

I've actually received quite a few masterful envelopes from gcrl HQ lately, including one that knocked out a treasured Dime Box Dozen need with this Bowman Pat Neshek that seems like it's been sitting on my list for decades.

A couple Zobrists here - the Bowman was yet another Dime Box Dozen need, which is starting to bring up the question of why I'm missing so many damned Bowman cards.

Always appreciate people combing through my want lists - have to admit 2020 A&G is starting to grow on me the more I see it.

Another PWE from gcrl resulted in yet another Dime Box Dozen takedown with that Dontrelle Willis - the only downside of starting a new player collection is seeing all the painfully obvious cards I'm missing of said player.

I don't have a huge obsession with serial-numbered cards anymore, but I admit I'm a sucker for a good, solid Topps Gold parallel (especially a Konerko!).

More want list help, and a new throwback hit with that Koskie (bring back all the powder blues!).

How about another Dime Box Dozen hit with the Boggs, and a Jerry Hairston Jr. Heritage SP I specifically claimed from Jim's blog since it hits an Obscure Guy I Kinda Collect need (not to mention Heritage SPs are like Bigfoot sightings after a while).

Another couple cards I claimed from the blog a while back - because WOW does '91 Topps look spiffy with blue borders.

The best stuff I get combines cards I know I need with cards I don't know I need, and Jim's envelopes always seem to do that.

The most recent PWE I received from him started out with a spectacular card I thought I already had...

...until I flipped it over!

I love Cookie Rojas, I love double dips, and I REALLY love '71 OPC backs!

Jim also threw in two more Dime Box Dozen needs with the Yount and Quisenberry - I've received that Quiz from three different people already & have had a few others offer to send it to me, which I suppose I should've expected putting a '90 Donruss card up there.

That Finley is an excellent "at the wall" shot, and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Big League parallels - once again, Topps, I ask: WHEN THE HELL IS 2021 BIG LEAUGE COMING OUT?!

The note Jim included with this batch said something along the lines of Here's a Hoyt I KNOW you don't have - which, of course, immediately intrigued me.

And it was no lie - here's Hoyt's standard '69 Topps issue with a ghostly '69 Decal hanging out in the corner. I have a couple similar cards in my collection (though mine are '68s) but nothing approaching the immortal Hoyt! It's cool to think there was a time some kid would slap a sticker on top of a card without a second thought.

Now there's a very personal piece of history you'd never get in the virtual world.


The Diamond King said...

Sweet Garvey letterhead! Cool stuff. My favorite card is the Rojas O-Pee-Chee.

Mike said...

Love the 1-of-1 Hoyt!

Brett Alan said...

The thing that really makes that Hoyt great is the way it shows the two different approaches to airbrushing--just blacking out the old logo on the card, drawing in a new one on the sticker. They're not the same photo, but similar enough that it enhances the effect.

I've had the card for years, but I'd love to get the sticker--preferably not stuck to something else!

Elliptical Man said...

Garvey was a big deal for a while.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

That entire first paragraph I am totally with you. 100% If I want to read. it must be on paper and in my hand only exception is baseball card blogs, buying cards sites, and research. As for the virtual cards, completely stoopid. Yes spelled it that way on purpose.

Base Card Hero said...

The Cookie is a great card front AND back! Love the action shot. Plus one for being OPC.

bbcardz said...

I'm with you on those digital/virtual "collectibles". Great cards and stationery though!

Crocodile said...

Good stuff there, and your thoughts on digital cards are spot on.

Fuji said...

That 71OPC Rojas is awesome! Love the floating head on the back. I remember reading about the Garvey HS letterhead on his blog. Cool stuff.

Bo said...

I'm one of those people who has a '90 Quisenberry to put back now. :)

Nice photo on that Pudge Rodriguez card.

gcrl said...

Always fun to find cards to send your way!

Jafronius said...

I wonder how it feels to have something named after you...and to have spiffy stationery with your name on it too

sadeequickle said...

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