Saturday, June 24, 2017

Frankenset Redux, Page 5: Numbers 37-45

Page #5 (Numbers 37-45):

Completion Status: 9/9

Numbers Needed: None.

The Players

1995 Upper Deck #37 Pat Hentgen

The elusive American League pitcher at the plate. 

1973 Topps #38 Mike Epstein

Another brick in the wall of off-kilter action photos from '73 Topps. 

1995 Upper Deck Minors #39 Matt Brunson

A minor league double dip. 

1972 Topps #40 Bob Barton IA

Not much action to speak of here despite the title of the subset.

2016 Topps #41 Josh Harrison

Celebrating in the Sunday throwbacks. 

1972 Topps #42 Tommy Davis IA

That's more like it. 

1999 Stadium Club #43 Rico Brogna

I always think of Pigpen from Peanuts whenever I see this card. 

2010 Upper Deck #44 Augie Ojeda

Safe at home. 

1986 Fleer #45 Darrell Porter

Red jersey, red undershirt, red batting gloves, red glasses: talk about color coordination. 


Cards By Decade:

1970's -- 3 (Running total: 5)
1980's -- 1 (Running total: 4)
1990's -- 3 (Running total: 21)
2010's -- 2 (Running total: 11)

Mini-collection Hits:

Double Dips -- 1 (Running total: 7)
Throwbacks -- 1 (Running total: 4)
Plays at the Plate -- 1 (Running total: 2)
Pitchers at the Plate -- 1 (Running total: 1)

Best Cameo

Have to give it to the distracted cop on the other side of Mr. Barton.

This Magic Moment

Augie Ojeda appeared in just two of the four games the Diamondbacks played at Shea Stadium (edit: actually Citi Field) in 2009, and only one of those was a day game, which means that this shot most likely comes from a D'Backs-Mets matchup on August 2, 2009.

The tricky part is determining which of the two runs Ojeda scored that afternoon is depicted here. I'm going to go with the run he scored on a Gerardo Parra single in the top of the 6th, a play in which Parra was thrown out at second after the throw home was cut off. That would explain why the attention of the Mets catcher (Brian Schneider) and the crowd seems to be elsewhere.

For the record, the Diamondbacks would beat the Mets that day, 5-2.

Kick Out the Jams

Introducing a new sub-category this week in which I showcase a song that, for whatever reason, reminds me of a card from the week's frankenset page (or vice versa).

I'll leave John Sebastian here because I instantly think of Welcome Back, Kotter whenever I see the last name "Epstein."

Lessons in Card Backs

Ah, the days when ballplayers had to get offseason jobs.

Best of the Rest

1991 Classic Draft Picks #43 Buck McNabb

The moment when your Little League photo winds up on your first professional baseball card.

Toughest Draw

1996 Score #38 Bip Roberts

Not even '73 Topps can take down Sombrero Bip.

Second Guessing

2012 Topps Chrome #43 Desmond Jennings

It's tough to go against a play at the plate (especially one of the chrome variety), but perhaps Rico "Pigpen" Brogna warranted a longer look for inclusion in the Inaugural Frankenset.

Favorite Card

Lots of good ones to choose from this week, but it was still an easy call for me: Bob Barton takes the crown.

There's not much action going on at all here, but the image is pure gold. Barton looks to be a desperate convict in a prison cell behind the wiring of the backstop, a metaphor only further enhanced by the blue-shirted policeman in the crowd.

I suppose a shot like this foreshadowed the craziness that was to come for Topps the following year.

Another frankenset page in the books.

Thanks for reading!


Brett Alan said...

I want to know who at Topps thought, well, it's not much of an action shot, but we have to get Bob Barton into the subset.

BTW, that's Citi Field, not Shea, unless you're doing the "I'm Calling It Shea" thing, in which case you can get a t-shirt of that from Naming Wrongs. Just threw me off because I was like "there were no brick walls at Shea"....but 2009 was the first year of the new park.

Kin said...

My favorite of the group is the Hentgen. I love the set's design, the horizontal image and the Blue Jays pitcher batting.

Can't wait to see more of these posts. I truly enjoy them.

beefman said...

Nick, completely unrelated, but there's a card of Steve Carlton in a Giants uniform, in the 1987 O Pee Chee set. I only found this out today, and you probably already have it, but I know you would love to have it in your binders! I only knew of the 86 Donruss Highlights card that had him in the Giants uniform, until today. Best of luck, man! Aussie Nick.