Saturday, June 10, 2017

Frankenset Redux, Page 3: Numbers 19-27

Page #3 (Numbers 19-27):

Completion Status: 9/9

Numbers Needed: None

The Players

1992 Stadium Club #19 Tom Foley 

That's one blue baseball card.

1982 TCMA Edmonton Trappers #20 Rusty Kuntz

Actually pronounced Kyoontz, not the way I know you're saying it in your head. 

1986 TCMA AC Yankees #21 Eric Schmidt

For the kids. 

1992 Studio #22 Rob Dibble

You talkin' to me? 

1994 Stadium Club #23 Matt Nokes

Post-homer jubilation. 

1995 Stadium Club #24 Julian Tavarez

The sunflower seed master himself, Julian Tavarez. 

2016 Stadium Club #25 Chris Archer


1992 Studio #26 Jose Rijo

Jose Rijo, aka The Strongman. 

1996 Upper Deck #27 Gary DiSarcina

One of the better double dips you'll see.


Cards By Decade:

1980's -- 2 (Running total: 3)
1990's -- 6 (Running total: 14)
2010's -- 1 (Running total: 7)

Mini-collection Hits:

Cards with Kids -- 2 (Running total: 2)
Double Dips -- 1 (Running total: 5)

Notable Cameo(s)

Aside from the always-welcome bat boy cameo, I'm almost positive that's Wade Boggs on the right...

This Magic Moment

...and I only realized that was Boggs through tracking the date of this particular card.

I thought this task would a bit of a challenge given that no opposing team is shown here. Turned out to be easier than I thought, however, because only four of Matt Nokes's ten homers in 1993 came at home, and only one of those scored (then) #19 in pinstripes -- outfielder Dion James -- as well as Boggs.

I'm fairly certain, then, that this card depicts the three-run dinger Nokes hit against the Blue Jays in the bottom of the 5th inning on May 16, 1993, the first of two homers Nokes would smack in a 12-6 Yankee loss to Toronto that afternoon.

Funniest Card

Of course it is.

Lessons in Card Backs

I wonder if Dibble ever got to meet Drumpf after all.

Best of the Rest

1999 Sports Illustrated #26 Todd Stottlemyre SH

The only thing better than a pitcher at the plate is a card that highlights a feat by a pitcher at the plate.

While it's become somewhat commonplace in the game now (thanks to the likes of Tony LaRussa and Joe Maddon), Todd Stottlemyre hit eighth on July 9th, 1998, the first pitcher to do so since Steve Carlton occupied the number-eight hole a whole 19 years prior in 1979.

Stottlemyre went 1-for-2 with a run scored, but that sadly isn't enough to knock Strongman Jose Rijo out of this frankenset.

Toughest Draw

1972 Topps #19 Billy Cowan

You know you have it bad when you have to go up against The Frankenset King himself.

Second Guessing

1999 Stadium Club #21 Darren Oliver

I've always been fascinated by these bird's eye shots, as seen on the Oliver (how do they get that angle, anyways?), but perhaps I should've given more consideration to Eric Schmidt, a minor-league TCMA oddball featuring the youth of Albany Colonie.

Favorite Card

Because Rusty Kuntz is the star of any page he occupies, especially one that documents his days as a Trapper.

And that's another frankenset page in the books.

Thanks for reading!


Mike said...

Well,now I hate Ron Dibble,ha-ha!!

This is a really good page,every one Frankenset worthy!!

defgav said...

Ha, Dibble. I'd like to meet Drumpf, too. And then perform an experiment with my car keys.

Kin said...

This post makes me want to revisit 1992 Studio.