Sunday, January 18, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 47: Numbers 415-423

Here are the results of last week's frankenset voting.

Win -- 1971 Topps #407 Joe Rudi (10 votes)

Place (tie) -- 1993 Upper Deck #406 Kelly Gruber, 1995 Upper Deck #413 Walt Weiss (9 votes each)

Show -- 1997 Upper Deck #408 Rich Becker (8 votes)

It was a tight one, but vintage won again. Joe Rudi barely managed to hold off a late surge from Walt Weiss to take last week's crown. It's the fifth straight week I've agreed with the eventual victor. You just don't see the subtle beauty of these types of shots these days.

Also, the 45 total votes we saw were nearly ten more than I've had in any other week in this frankenset voting. Either someone managed to cheat the system, or we had a sizable crop of new voters last week. A big, big thanks to everyone who hit the polls. (And shame on you if you were the one who cheated.)

Let's see if we can top the 40-vote mark again this week.

We continue a nice string of completed pages with this group.

Once again, one lone piece of vintage is pitted against eight other worthy competitors. Can the old-timers score another victory? Only one way to find out.

Here are this week's frankenset nominees.

1997 Ultra #415 Allen Watson

The rare American League pitcher at the plate. 

1998 Ultra #416 Lee Stevens

He shoots, he scores! 

1989 Topps #417 Mike LaCoss

Mike LaCoss broke a bat over his head and punched a hole through a brick wall after this photo shoot. 

1998 Fleer Tradition #418 Roger Cedeno

Signing for some young Dodger fans. 

2002 Topps Total #419 Jay Payton

Fighting a losing battle against the ivy. 

1973 Topps #420 Tommie Agee

Topps went the extra mile by not only airbrushing the uniform of Mr. Agee, but also those of his (former) Mets teammates Bud Harrelson and Rusty Staub as well.

It has to be The Most Airbrushed Card in History.

1992 Pinnacle #421 Pat Borders

Pat's Pinnacle play at the plate. 

1994 Topps #422 Rey Sanchez

Rey Sanchez holding a copy of his 1993 Topps card while fans trample each other in the background. 

1994 Pinnacle #423 Damon Buford

We close with a stunning scene at Camden Yards.

I personally think this is one of the better all-around pages we've seen so far. It'll be tough to decide on a single winner.

In the meantime, the polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!

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Mark Kaz said...

At first at gasped at that Jay Payton card, since I've never seen it before and I think it's pretty amazing. But, I double-gasped at that super-duper airbrushed gem from '73 Topps. Good Lord!! That's gotta be the winner!